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Issue number missing from some Identification Labels

Samer Meshreki

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Probably the best tip I've gotten from watching one of Pete's livestreams... printing identification labels (barcode labels) for each of my comics.  I've slowly been going through my entire collection and adding them to the back of the board so I can tell what comic I'm looking at no matter which direction it's facing.

When it works, it works well... like so:


Unfortunately, if the issue title is too long for the label it gets truncated, and then the issue number disappears!  


The "human" organizer has no clue which issue is which and likes to see printed issue numbers on the labels for quick and easy identification... even if the title of the book is truncated. 

I'm using Avery 5161 labels.

My two cents... I can envision two possible solutions for the comicbase programmers that be... (Pete?)

  • give the issue number it's own protected field somewhere on the label, so even if the issue title is too long and gets truncated, there will always be a dedicated space for the issue number (similar to the issue grade in the bottom right corner).
  • automatically resize the font so the entire issue title plus issue number always fits in the available space

Please advise.



ohmu id labels.pdf

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