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Title Capitalization in Grid

Fred Slota

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Scrolling through a Search Grid (Cover Artist "Arthur Adams", if you're curious to replicate), and my eye was caught by a shift in the data in the grid.  Scroll back to identify it, and I find that amidst multiple issues with the Title "Guardians Of the Galaxy (4th Series)", one (Bk 5/HC) has the Title "Guardians of the Galaxy (4th Series)".  

I'm guessing that the Issues Table carries a full spelled out text field for the book Title, which should coordinate with the Official Title field in the Title Table, which in addition to being wasteful in space, is inconsistent in that it is not forced to match?

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I am not seeing what you are describing. In my database, Guardians of the Galaxy (4th series) has a lower-case 'o' in 'of'.

I have done a Find on Series title (lower-case), Issue title (lower-case), a Find for cover artist Arthur Adams and they are all lower-case.

I scroll down, one line at a time and the display at the top is always lower-case (even on Bk/HC).

Either our databases are not the same or I am missing something.

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My eye was drawn to the one-off difference as I was scrolling.  Ironically, the one-off is what should be the correct capitalization, yes?

This is probably related to my earlier X-Men '92: House of XCII posting, as it is odd capitalization of title in a search grid.

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