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inconsistent diacritical-neutral search

Fred Slota

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Enter "é".  Observe that there are entries for both "Allén, Raúl" and "Bagieu, Pénélope"


Enter "Allen".  The second entry is "Allen, Raul", while the third is "Allén, Raúl".  This is good; you can find international names without knowing or typing the special characters.


Enter "Penelope".  No "Bagieu, Pénélope".  This is bad.

Enter "Raul".  No "Allén, Raúl"  This is bad.


The same appears to be true in reverse.  Search for "Allén" finds both.  Search for "Raúl" finds one.

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There's a computed search key which is based on the original term, stripped of diacriticals, and both é and ú are included in the translation (to "e" and "u", respectively) when computing it. If you get a chance, do a File > File Tools > Rebuild Lists of your issue and storyline/contributors to force it to rebuild this (some older versions of the name may have slipped in, can compromise the auto-select list based on the "dumbed down" version of the name with the down-translated diacritical versions.)

Worth noting: As we flesh out support (and as awareness grows) for the proper use of diacriticals, we're going to be going through some growing pains as we get the proper versions of each diacritical-heavy creator to take their place as the authoritative version for updates' sake. (I'll bore everyone silly with the long version of this story on a livestream sometime--"everything you never wanted to know about UTF-8 Collations on SQL Server" or the like...  😉)

Finally as we progress into Unicode-land (the original table was based off of Windows Western diacriticals), we're adding more entries to the table, (e.g. ē, ). If you notice one's we're not handling properly, please call them out.


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I had done a rebuild about a week ago.  I was planning to do another soon; I'll bump that up in my priority.


Did you try my examples, and did they work for you? My suspicion from my limited testing is that there is something not working right with searching for first names that have diacriticals, that is working right with last names with diacriticals.

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