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unable to duplicate in comics

Don Veach

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I'm running CB 4k Archive and just updated to Current build: v23.1.0 (Build 2268).  After installation I had to enter some duplicate issues of some comics I just received.  It appears it doesn't work, for me at least, after this update.  I was having no issues earlier this morning before the update.  Is there a way to roll back to previous update?

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Unless you download the update to install it (as opposed to doing it through the program), I am not sure there is a way to roll back the change to the previous build.

Do you use the Menu option (Edit->Duplicate), CTRL+D or Right-Click and select from the pop-up menu?

Is the option 'grayed' out?

Can you select it but nothing happens?

(I will mention this, just to get it out of the way as it sounds like you have used Duplicate before, but you have to select/high-light the entire row to activate the Duplicate option.)

And for comparison, I just updated to the same build and I can still use Duplicate.

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That helps. I am able to recreate your problem. (I didn't save before since I didn't really want a duplicate).

Select a row.

Select Duplicate.

Make a change (to create a another issue (i.e. Condition or, Type or Variation)).

Click Save.

Nothing happens. No issues is created.

I have left the title and returned (to refresh) and still no new issue.

I have run Rebuild lists Issue Information and still no new issue.


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