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Unknown Items....help!

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So when running my stats I keep getting a few persistent "unknown Items" showing up. I have added these issue of 3 titles and they seem to be accepted (I got points for them I think)...but they don't seem to be getting added to the core DB. One example of a title I added and I then added the issue and it doesn't show up in the master is here:


For the above I supplied the cover scan and all info needed including a blurb from the publisher. So I dunno what is up. Here are the ones left out in the cold:

Unrecognized Comics

Absolute Swamp Thing by Len Wein & Bernie Wrightson 1/HC
Savage Avengers by Gerry Duggan Omnibus 1/DM
Secret Wars Omnibus 1/DM

I think I need some guidance on this issue as I buy a LOT of Omnibuses and many are not in here when I go to add them. I am happy to fill it all out but I need them to be put in after!



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For situations like this, it is always a good idea to see how items are cataloged in HC's master database, i.e., check to see how things are indexed on Atomic Avenue.  (That doesn't solve the AST by LW & BW mystery, but for most cases it does help you see if HC is cataloging items in a way that differs from one's own personal database.)  

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1 hour ago, Larry Robertson said:

Another thing that might help is some sort of 'style guide' for adding issues and the "correct" file name/issue designation nomenclature. I mean my use of DM seemed better to me than an arbitrary A/B etc

I think that the current editorial policy in general is to use A/B etc for variants now as much as possible for new publications, and to avoid the more specialized designations like DM that were created at a time when variants were much less common. 

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