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Make Condition and # owned more visible

Bryan England

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The app is great for checking to see what I have and don't have, BUT when it comes to older issues, it's just as important to know the condition of the ones I DO have, in case I come across one in better condition. Up to now I've thought that that info was not available on the app. I just noticed (yeah, took me awhile) that the condition, as well as the number owned, IS detailed on the list screen, but is BARELY visible (see screen shots below).


I've looked through my phone but cannot find a setting that makes this info more visible. I'm using an iPhone 13, running the most recent iOS.


Anyone else run into this or know what I need to tweak?

Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 6.21.14 PM.jpg

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 7.04.39 PM.jpg

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Hello, all,


I may have found a partial solution, but I've left the discussion up on case anyone else has the same concern or can add to it.

Under Settings / Display & Brightness / Appearance:

I always keep my phone in "Dark" mode (just seems easier on my eyes all around). Just out of curiosity, I switched the phone to "Light" mode. The number and condition became readable! (See new screenshot below.)

I guess now I'm wondering: anyone know a way to make this info visible when an iPhone is in "Dark" mode?

Screenshot 2023-07-15 at 5.58.27 PM.jpg

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