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Search for Detective Comics #27 Whatnot Variant

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I recently obtained a variant comic that indicates that it is an exclusive Aaron Bartling homage variant cover presented by Whatnot. The UPC is 76194137788900131 . However, and unless this is pending to be added to the database, I have not been able to locate this. There are plenty of copies available on eBay, so I am hoping that someone might be familiar as to where this actually appears in CB. Hoping that someone can help. Thanks!

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Turns out that there are at least three versions of this one.  There may be more depending upon whether the "foil" versions are actually foil or just extremely glossy.  

The one with the oversized classic Detective Comics logo UPC 76194137788900131



The one with the more modern small logo in the upper left corner UPC 76194137788900141


And a third "virgin" cover UPC 76194137788900151



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