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Duplicate Database - Cannot remove

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I've run into an odd situation. When I open up the mobile app to run a search it says there are no saved reports. I checked the database and there are two identically named databases. When I switch over to the other one of the same name all my content is there. 

Thinking I had two databases setup I checked my settings in sidekick, but I only have one database listed in there. I then logged into the ComicBase website to check My Comics, and sure enough there are two identically named databases in there as well. I thought I'd be able to remove the empty database from there but there is no option to do so.

Any ideas? I am using the 4K Archive Edition, v24.0.0.941


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On the CB website, you can remove one or both databases.

Under My Account-Profile is Know Databases (may have to scroll down).

Each Database should show the Database ID. These should not be the same.

You can delete the one that is not your database (you can find the Database ID in CB by using File->Collection Statistics (or F12), then click on the icon on the top right side of the window (see attached).)


You can just delete both of them, then go to CB and run Collection Statistics. This will re-populate the database in your My Account, Profile Known Database list (it may take a few minutes.

Collection Statistics.jpg

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