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Inventory validation mode

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Meant to be used with a bar code scanner.

A process similar to "Add by Barcode", but instead of incrementing the Quantity field, it would increment a separate field, I.ValidateQuantity.



Several support features...  

While scanning a block of issues, the listing identifies reconciled/differences between quantity and Validate Quantity.

After scanning a block of issues, mark scanned issues.

Whole collection reconciliation report.

Reconciliation Report on Find subsets (for example, reconcile for CF1 = Box010)

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One mode of operation...

I have a populated database of my collection.  I want to verify that it correctly reflects my physical collection.

I start Inventory Validation Mode.

I open every box.  I scan the bar code of every comic. 

When finished, I run a validation report. 

If everything reconciles, then I.Quantity = I.ValidateQuantity for every item in the database.  Any discrepancies between the two lead you to question where missing books went or where new books came from.


Yes, you could just start a new, blank database, scan every book and have a complete and up-to-date inventory.  But you don't know what changed.

And yes, you could compare the new database with the old, but you would have to do that manually.


This might not appeal to everyone, but the same could be said for various other features of CB, too.

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