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Return to search results?

Dennis W. Strasburg

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Now that the search results are shown in as a grid instead of a pop-up window, is there a way to return to the results after clicking on an issue in the list?  Or do I need to repeat the search again?

Thanks, Dennis

BTW, the search options for "Released this week" and "Released last week" have come in handy.


Comicbase 2020 Archive Edition (v2020.0.2.3176)

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Can you describe your steps in a little more detail?

If you do a Find with the results in the Grid, just clicking or double clicking on an Item # (issues) does not cause the search results to go away.

If you double click on an Item, it will bring up the Item detail window.

Note: If you make a change on the value that you searched for value, this issue will 'disappear' from the display.

For example, if the Search was for Letter John Constanza, and you edit an Item to change that, when you close the Item detail window, the search is automatically re-run and it won't find that issue (since it no longer matches).

If you Single click on an item, the Title detail information at the top will change if the Item is in a different Title.


If the grid results go away (i.e. you click the X in the top right corner of the grid), then, yes, you will have to run a Find again to get the results back.




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