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Jim Shackett

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In the older versions, you could choose multiple issues of a comic and just right-click to mark/unmark.  As far as I can tell this has gone away in the new version.  I know you can highlight and do a quick change to mark/unmark, but the ability to do it the old way is much faster, easier, and missed (by me).  It's the little things that make a difference. :)


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8 minutes ago, Peter R. Bickford said:

It's still there: 

1. Select the items by highlighting the whole row (dragging from the left-most column)

2. Use Edit > Mark (Ctrl+R), or Edit > Unmark (Ctrl+U) to mark the issues


Depending on your column setup, the Marked column may not be initially visible: if so, you can add it using the tip here

Oh, great, thanks!  I think it just used to be right-click and Mark/Unmark, I didn't even look under Edit.  In any case, I'll take a look this weekend and give it a try. Thanks again!


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