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Have to Cancel Sale

James Buck

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I have a situation I have not seen before.  I sold an item last week that apparently did not deduct from inventory.  Items sold before and after that sale have the correct quantity.  Unfortunately, another buyer has selected that item and I am now faced with having to cancel the order.  The order also had a second comic book in the order.  Please advise best way for me to proceed as a seller.

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you'll want to cancel the 2nd order from your Recent Activity page as soon as possible to get the buyer refunded: https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/MyAccount.aspx

Whenever you make a sale, it's important you launch ComicBase, go to the internet menu>Check sales and purchases - to deduct recent sales from your database. After you do this, wouldn't hurt to recheck the item(s) you sold is no longer instock in your database. Once that's done, repush your comics for sale to AA so your selling inventory is current.

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