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Trying to install 20.0.3

William Steel

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Every time I try to install the update, it ends "prematurely because of an error" with the popup "The specified account already exists." It then goes to state "To install this program at a later time, please run the" blanking on the last part. And even if I uninstall the older (20.0.2) version, it fails with the same popup occurring.

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Try these steps:

-quit out of ComicBase if it's currently open

-head to your online account here and download/install the revised CB2020 program installer (v20.0.3): https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx

* if you have any kind of software security program running like McAfee or Norton, you may need to turn it off temporarily before you install the program installer so it can be fully installed.

*additional help for installing can be found here if needed:


If you still have trouble, please e-mail our support team directly at support@comicbase.com

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