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G. Hecht

They Drew As They Pleased

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The title They Drew As They Pleased: The Hidden Art of Disney's Musical Years is listed in the database.  It lists issues #1 HC and #4 HC.  

In my database, I am seeing the title under Comic Books.  This title should be moved to Books as these are all art books with no comics content.  

Also, the "Hidden Art of Disney's Musical Years" is a subtitle for the first volume only; each of the six volumes has a different sub-title.  Each volume is numbered on the spine.  I suggest that this title should be shortened to They Drew As They Pleased and that each book be listed as HC 1 through 6.  Today I made a submission for all six volumes under the proposed new title (sorry, only a scan for volume 6... I won't be able to get to scanning the five volumes for a while).  

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