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Andrew d’Entremont

Green Lantern (3rd Series) #51 - Variants?

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I'm just wondering if there are two versions of the first print of this book.

Comicbase says the one with the DC Universe logo in the UPC box is a second print, but it also says that there is a Roman Numeral II beside the issue number. I have a copy of issue #51 which has the DC Universe logo in the UPC box, but no Roman numeral II beside the issue number, and there is nothing in the indicia to indicate that this is a 2nd print. 





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As far as I know, the only variation among the first print copies of that issue is direct market vs. newsstand, i.e., the content of the UPC box.  ComicBase has made the decision to not track that sort of difference (this may have been discussed in one of the ComicBase livestreams, I think).  

The note regarding the UPC box for the second print may be a way of implying that there was not a newsstand version of the second print, but I don't know for sure whether there was a newsstand version of the second print or not (I suspect not since newsstands generally don't go asking their distributor for second printings of things that sell through... they're just glad that they had sell-through!).  But I agree that your question is a logical follow-up to that note about the UPC box, and it may be less confusing if the note were edited accordingly.  

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