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Assigning comic Type and Variation

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Is there a style guide for assigning comic Type and Variation?  And a glossary of terms?

Example - Should a hardcover graphic novel be listed as...
1. Type: Regular Issue and Variation: Hardcover? 
2. Type: Book and Variation: Hardcover?
3. Type: Graphic Novel and Variation: Hardcover?

Example - How should a 3-volume hardcover boxed set be listed?
1. Type: Collector's Set and Variation: Hardcover
2. Type: Book and Variation: Collector's Set
3. Type: Deluxe Set and Variation: Hardcover
4. Other?

Is there a glossary of Type terms?  For example, what's the difference between a Collector's Set and a Deluxe Set?  Is it a case of how the publisher defined it?


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There's no style guide for this kind of stuff...

These days we treat graphic novels as just regular items but if its a Hardcover we change the variation type accordingly.

Box sets can be tricky. Ideally a Deluxe Set would be the first item type to go with if its a slipcase style item. CS would be used if the item collects a short run of issue numbers.

If you ever have questions about what to designate things as, feel free to email us at support@comicbase.com and our editorial team can help you further.

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