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Installing on Mac (Parrallels)

Mark J. Castaneda

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for those of you running ComicBase on a Mac using Parallels, just wanted to share this bit of info with regards to the database file you use for the software.

So we figured out the essence of the "Error-fail" thing on Parallels. Basically, somewhere in Parallels there's a setting to let you share your PC's content by turning it into a Mac network share; e.g. your PC Documents folder becomes \\Mac\Home\User\Documents\...   -- If ComicBase tries to open an SQLite database located on that "network share", it'll fail instantly.

The cure: Probably there's a setting in Parallels to not do this mapping. You can also just make a new C:\ComicBase Databases folder on the Parallels environment, copy your database into there. Since that folder doesn't look like it's on a network, it should load properly into the ComicBase.

If anyone running ComicBase on a Mac with Parallels can chime in to confirm or clarify that would be greatly appreciated.


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