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Power Rangers #55/D

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Power Rangers 55/D listed with UPC 84428400543255041 and notes "Retailer Incentive Cover by Jamal Campbell" has the cover image for the Raf Grassetti Green Ranger 1300 print run done for Boom Studios in partnership with ComicTom and Variant Comics.https://www.artstation.com/artwork/L3EZGA

The cover price is listed at $12.00 where the Jamal Campbell was a 25 copy incentive with a cover price of $3.99

The Raf Grassetti variant's UPC is 84428400543255061 and does not have a cover price due to the exclusive print run partnership.

The correct 55/D is a virgin variant cover showing all the Power Rangers.



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Hello Mark, I apologize for any lack in specifics. I am referring to Might Morphin Power Rangers (5th Series) issue 55/D. When I scanned my Jamal Campbell 1:25 retailer incentive copy, I noticed it displayed some incorrect data along with an incorrect cover image. I did the update process through ComicBase, but I thought I should make this post for more specifics.

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