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Custom Title Checkboxes

Fred Slota

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1) I go to the menu item "Setup | Custom Fields..." and supply the name "Subscribed" to Title "Custom Check 1" and "Ordered" to Issue "Custom Check 1".  If I Modify issue information, my custom name "Ordered" is displayed in the "Custom" tab, but if I go to "Edit Title Information...", my custom name is not showed, instead it still reads "Custom Check 1".


2) I have conducted a Find with issues from many different titles, and so the leftmost column after the image thumbnail in the grid has the comic Title.  (My grid includes several custom fields).  If I go to the menu item "Setup | Custom Fields..." and then close the modal window, the column with the titles disappears from the grid.

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For #2, It took me a bit to figure out what you were doing, but I think I have it.

Doing any Issue Find returns a Find Results grid which includes Title to the Right of the cover. See first attachment.

With the Find Result still displayed, use Menu item. either  Setup->Custom Fields or Set-up->Columns to View (it appears to be something that causes a screen refresh).

When you select Custom Fields, it is on closing the windows the problem happens. When you select Columns to View, it happens when it opens.

After one of the two actions mention, the Title column disappears from the grid view (of the Find Results). See second attachment.





Find Result Before Menu action.JPG

Find Result After Menu action.JPG

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