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Too Much Coffee Man #1 2nd print

Lance Fittro

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The database is showing a cover and description for the second print of this book as the later Boom! Studios Facsimile Edition, which appears to have been printed in 2011 and would have been at least the 7th printing. I don't have a cover scan of the 2nd printing, so don't know how it differs in appearance from the 1st or 3rd printing, but even if the Boom! printing states "Second Printing" in the indicia, there was an earlier second printing. I can submit the Boom! printing as a new 7th printing for the database, but will need some help from the team in removing the incorrect info from the existing 2nd printing.

There were similar Boom! reprintings for issues #2 and 3 that appear to be listed and shown correctly in the chronological printing order.

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