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Zen Intergalactic Ninja (4th Series) #1/A and 1/B

Lance Fittro

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It appears that the cover image for #1/A on file is actually the newsstand edition of #1, and that the #1/A and 1/B issues which both have notes as being the Justoys Variant are referring to the same cover/printing. Unless there is some reason I'm overlooking to distinguish newsstand from direct market edition on this one, it appears there should just be a 1/A, and 1/B should be deleted.

Judging by the images in the image folder, it appears that the direct market and newsstand covers for each issue in this 3-issue mini-series were at one time listed as # and #/A, but when the newsstand covers were dropped as variations, the #1 remained.

I went ahead and submitted a cover image for the Justoys Variant through the software, but am attaching it here as well, along with the direct market and newsstand versions for comparison. Thanks!





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No it does not, or at least, the newsstand copy that I have neither mentions nor contains a mini poster. So that may be reason enough to maintain the newsstand edition as 1/A, but removing the "Special Justoys Collector's Edition" note currently showing for 1/A. And adding the red-bordered cover scan to 1/B should help to visually clarify the difference. Thanks!

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