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Scan Item not working

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Here is a sample of comics, magazines and books that I've scanned using the app:

7-59606-02435-3-00111  X-Men Survival Guide to the Mansion, scan comes up as "ERROR: Scan lookup request failed with error"

0-70989-36587-2-08  Heavy Metal (2nd series) #300-A, scan show 8 different issues of Heavy Metal and "Loading..."

7-25274-22493-7-58  Star Wars Insider #172 (Comic Store Exclusive cover), scan comes up as "ERROR: Scan lookup request failed with error", issue not in database

0-74808-01805-5-39  Star Wars Insider #189-A, scan comes up as "ERROR: Scan lookup request failed with error", this issue is in the database

8-50008-92708-9-00341 The Cimmerian: The Frost Giant's Daughter #3-D, scan shows correctly

9-780760-762059-52498 Marvel: The Characters and Their Universe, scan comes up as "ERROR: Item not found"

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