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category change glitch?

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I was cleaning up my data and getting the books that changed categories fixed, but a couple titles didn't take, which doesn't make sense to me considering most of my changes worked. Comico Attractions and DC Direct Currents, to take two examples, used to be in comics and are now in magazines. Rather than copying the issues to the new title and then deleting the duplicates, I just wrote down the issues and grades on a piece of paper and manually input the books into the magazines listing and then deleted them from the comics listing. I am pretty certain I didn't get mixed up and somehow do it backward (which wouldn't really be possible anyway.) After the update they popped up on the unrecognized report again and it is as if I didn't do anything. They are still listed as in-stock as comics, and not as magazines. Does anyone have any idea what happened? Is there a glitch with doing it manually somehow? It doesn't make sense to me, so I figured I would ask before I do the same thing again to see if it works.

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