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Out-of-bounds Exception in Sales Terminal

Dylan Colborne

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Using  ComicBase, but this issue was present at least as far back as

On my machine, this is quite easy to replicate. Open the Sales Terminal window, and enter a barcode that's not in the database. Perhaps your scanner missed the UPC supplement, or the Newsstand barcode is not yet in the database. Invariably, the sales terminal window will then throw an exception.


Error Message.txt

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Thank you for fixing this behavior when an invalid barcode is entered. However, the bug still occurs when the "select multiple items" window is cancelled out of (click the X instead of selecting one of the matches).
Also interesting to find that the contents of the right side of the window persist after you exit out of the sales terminal window; it does this whether you click "sell" or cancel out of the window.
For easy reference the UPC I pasted in this example is 07148602453801



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