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Rick Brenner

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Forgive me, I haven't used a free version in more than 20 years so I may not know as much as I think. 

I believe the default setup is with the Item #, Qty, Condition, Grading Notes, Cover, Currency, Cover Date, Street Date, Price and Cost.  If you're missing any of these, go to the Setup menu at the very top of the window and hopefully you can activate them there.  Cost is what you paid, Price is it's current value.  I'm not one to keep track of when I purchase books but I suppose you could active one of the custom fields for it under Setup as well. 

Welcome aboard!

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A Douglas mentioned, the only thing you have to do to indicate 'ownership' is change Qty (Quantity in Stock) to 1 (or more if you have multiple copies).

You can do this in the grid without opening anything. Just double-click the cell and type a 1.

At that point, the Item # will be high-lighted to make it easier to see what you have.

For a little more advanced process, for a single Title, you can select multiple Item #s at one time (using the standard Windows keys of Shift for consecutive rows or CTRL for non-consecutive rows) while pressing/holding the left mouse button. Once the are all high-lighted, Right-click and select Quick Change form the pop-up menu. The the window what appears, select Qty In Stock and set the To: value to 1. After clicking Make Changes, all the selected Item #s will be set to 1 (or whatever value you entered.

Also, if you have or want to get a Barcode scanner (and you are entering comics from late 1970's to now), you can use the Items->Add By Barcode. This will allow you to scan many comics at one time and have them entered into CB. (you can type in the barcode if you don't have a scanner but that is a little bit of work).

I am not sure if Custom Fields are in the Free Edition. If the are, that is great but the are only in the Pro / Archive Editions. The are NOT in the Express Edition.

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