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  1. Where is the Marvel Age Annual? That was 100% comic.
  2. I wish the search could just find "words in the title" rather than the words having to be in sequence.
  3. The only screensavers that kick in automatically for me are the ones that come with Windows.
  4. Here is the scan of my copy. The only date on the copyright page is 2017, which is when it was first published. I suspect the image currently in CB is a promotional image.
  5. I have the hardcover collection of this published by Dover with the same ISBN & barcode that are in the system under Border Worlds (Vol. 1) Book 1, but the cover differs from the existing image in that it doesn't have any of the stuff at the bottom (publisher logo, promotional text), just the author & title at top and the image. My copy does not state an edition, but I doubt there were multiple printings of this. Should I scan my cover and upload it as a substitute, or create a new record?
  6. Yes, I had already changed the title on my end, and today's update has deleted the bad series. All good now.
  7. ComicBase has it as Saga of Crystar, the Crystal Warrior but it should be The Sage of Crystar, Crystal Warrior. I sent an email so presumably the incorrect title will be removed eventually. (I currently have both variations, probably due to an update that re-added the wrong one.) Edit: I see that you have mentioned it in the cover scan maintenance thread, so it looks like it was done. Thanks.
  8. This does not seem to work. I submitted a correction for The Saga of Crystar a little while back (I had scanned my own covers to replace the tiny ones in the database) and the old title remains. I've just sent an e-mail to support.
  9. I was wondering if it even worked any more.
  10. When I double click the screen saver file directly it starts. I also tried some other third-party screen savers and they don't start either, except manually. Maybe my version of Windows only works with their own screen savers. Since you mention the Resources, I just noticed that I still have CB 2021 Resources installed. Since I am using 2022 (and have its Resources installed as well), is it safe to uninstall the 2021?
  11. Yes, I tried the Windows screensavers "Ribbons" and "Mystify" and they both started as normal. If it means anything, ComicBase also does not show a preview in the little monitor in the settings window, while the others do. Weirdly, I could not find the PComicBase Cover Gallery file in that folder, and when I brought up the settings again it was not in the drop-down list any more. Guess I don't have to worry about that now.
  12. I have a few questions about the screen saver: 1. How do I get it to activate on its own, after a period of idleness? I have it set to five minutes, but it never starts. The only way I can experience it is to start it manually with the preview button in the Windows screen saver settings. 2. Why do I have one called ComicBase Cover Gallery, and also one called PComicBase Cover Gallery? (Settings applied to one seem to carry over to the other.) 3. Where is the screen saver located on my drive? It's not in the System32 folder with the standard ones.
  13. I had no idea all this stuff was being added to my database. What's the rationale? I did notice a paperback Tolkien novel in my database recently, and wasn't sure it was supposed to be there or not. IMO books should only be included if they relate to comics.
  14. There appear to be two versions of this in my database. One is in the comic books section. I remember having to enter this myself, as I did not find it already there. Now there is also one in the books section. It should be under comic books. Although there is a text section at the start of the book (common in collected comics publications), the bulk of it is the Ghita comics. The point of the book is to collect the comics. The text is "bonus."
  15. Well for example Spectacular Spider-Man #131. I clicked on the title in the top section of the display. Blue text indicating a link. Creator links work as expected (510 titles with Mike Zeck on pencils).
  16. It's been a long time since I tried this kind of search so maybe something has changed, but I thought that if you clicked on a storyline that had a "part" after it, it would display all parts of that story, even if it crossed over into different titles. I just tried clicking on a part of "Kraven's Last Hunt" from Spectacular Spider-Man and it searched and found... only that issue. If this feature has been eliminated (why?), what is the point of having it clickable at all?
  17. Thanks. I posted that before I resolved my tinypics issue on another thread. Figured that was the problem.
  18. Hitting the reset button in the folder select window fixed it. Thanks.
  19. Thank you for putting this feature back! But something weird happened when I just used it. I tried to change "Prince Namor" to "Sub-Mariner (Namor)" and it came out "Sub-Mariner (Namor) (Namor)". What might I have been doing wrong?
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