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  1. As I'm watching the latest livestream with information about how to add digital media and urls to ComicBase, and considering how Pete keeps threatening to compile show notes and topics for the LiveStream thread, it occurs to me that within ComicBase itself may be a good place to maintain both links to individual shows (already conveniently sequentially numbered) as well as notes regarding the content of each episode. Please don't take this as me volunteering to go back through 120 episodes of content to catalog subjects covered and timestamps, but creating a title with 120 entries and dragging the YouTube links for each episode over to it wouldn't take too long to accomplish. My only question is whether it would be more appropriate for the ComicBase Livestream title to be filed under Comic Books or Magazines as a media type? (I'm thinking magazines, for the periodic distribution and absence of sequential comic panels...?)
  2. This one is listed as a magazine, but contains sequential-panel comics for 28 pages before ending with a 20-page prose essay with spot illustrations. I think it would be more appropriately listed as a comic, ala Knights of the Dinner Table, than as a magazine.
  3. Fair enough. I think for my use case, I'll leave my CB in hoarding/upgrade mode by not checking the top box, but will definitely be checking the bottom one (much much easier to uncheck a Wanted box in CB than to navigate to the page in AA to do so). Thanks again for adding these options!
  4. I love the added options under the Sidekick settings to "Uncheck Wanted status for owned items" and "Remove Items from the Atomic Avenue Wish List that are not marked as Wanted" which gets things much closer to fully-synchronizing the two lists. I've got some cleanup work to do before I pull the trigger on checking the added boxes, but a couple of questions I had: 1) When using the "Uncheck Wanted status for owned items" that will work for most items on my want list, but what if I am looking to hoard a particular issue, and want more no matter how many copies I already have in my collection? Or if I have a lower-grade copy of an item in my collection, but would like to upgrade? Would it work to Ctrl+D duplicate that particular item in my database, zero out the quantity on the duplicate entry, and keep that zero-quantity item checked as "Wanted" in order to keep it marked as Wanted? Or will having any entry in any grade for a particular issue cause the Wanted box to become unchecked if that particular Sidekick Settings box is checked? 2) The AA Wish List has an added feature of "Min. Condition" desired when adding items to the AA Wish List that is not reflected in the CB Want List, so that any time a Want List item is carried over from CB to AA, it defaults to the "Any" condition. Similarly, the "Max. Price" input in AA. Are there any plans to add these two options to CB as well? Personally, I would not use the "Max. Price" field so much as the "Min. Condition," but that does help me cut down on the e-mail clutter of notifications for reader copies added to AA of books that I am only looking for in higher grades.
  5. Should be classified as a Comic Book, not a Book, as it contains primarily sequential panels of art and text on each page to convey the stories, in addition to the occasional full-page illustration with text. The comics are short, generally 2-3 pages per story, but comics in the traditional sense nonetheless.
  6. Corrected cover image for the Jeff Dekal cover attached (software is currently pulling down the 2/C cover by Oscar Vega). Couldn't get CB to take the upload.
  7. I added some info for this issue tonight, but couldn't get the full wraparound cover scan to upload. Currently, the program is showing the same cover for both 1/A and 1/B. This one is noted on the cover as being Cover A.
  8. Deadly Class #12/C is currently showing the same cover as #12/B. I believe the attached image should be the correct one, which is listed elsewhere as being the C2E2 2015 Convention Exclusive
  9. Just noticed in the last update that Draculina #2 (and the many variants thereof) were added under a new title of just "Draculina" rather than the title of "Draculina (Dynamite)" that was added for issue #1.
  10. I do like Doug's suggestion that the standard Notes entry be worded "Issued in polybag" or "issued with trading card" rather than "polybagged" or "includes trading card." The former wording indicates how it was originally issued, where the latter indicates the item's current state which makes more sense to me as a Grading Note.
  11. I don't know about needing to add a separate field (which would not apply to 99% of the comics created), but I do use the Collector's Set (CS) variation in my own catalog to refer to comics that were issued in a polybag (with or without additional contents), and for which the original polybag is still present. I then go on to describe in the grading notes the state of the polybag (sealed, unsealed), the presence or absence of any additional contents originally issued with that comic (posters, trading cards, etc) along with whatever grading notes are pertinent. So for that Batman Adventures #7, if I had the comic with the original polybag but the bag had been opened and the trading card removed, I would have it as #7/CS with Grading Notes: Polybag opened, trading card absent, otherwise NM. If I had just the comic without the original polybag or trading card, I would just use the regular #7 item number, and grade it based on the comic alone. Otherwise, I find it cumbersome to have an issue cataloged for which the standard Notes entry states "polybagged with trading card" but which has grading notes which state "polybag absent, trading card absent." Or something like X-O Manowar Bk 1 which was polybagged with a separate comic X-O Database #1. I commonly find the X-O Database comic on its own in bins, and it even has a separate title and issue entry in CB for the raw X-O Database comic, but the Bk 1 TPB entries both state "Includes X-O Database #1" in the stock notes despite the TPB very often being offered on its own. Personally, because both are common states that one might find any originally-polybagged product in years later, my desire would be for all issues originally issued either in a polybag with some kind of printing on it or in any kind of polybag with additional contents to have a separate /CS entry with notes or item description text to describe how the original polybagged product would differ from a raw comic one might find in a back-issue bin. If an issue was shipped in a bag merely to protect the product from damage in shipping (as with publications sent to subscribers through the mail) or to keep curious eyes from seeing inside (ala Heavy Metal magazine), I think that could simply be noted in the Grading Notes if there is otherwise no printing on the bag or additional contents within. This is how I catalog them myself (to eliminate the "such and such is included, no it's not" conflicting notes), but it would be great to also be able to distinguish visually and through standard (non-conflicting) notes what is being offered when items are pushed up to Atomic Avenue.
  12. When replacing / overwriting cover scan images in ComicBase, there is a notification window that pops up which compares the two images so that you can visually confirm that it's the same book, as well as compare dimensions and file sizes of the two scans. Previously, the font for the replacement image specs would be green if the replacement image was larger than the existing, or red if it was smaller, which is helpful in quickly determining if my scan is an upgrade from what is in the master database and therefore would be beneficial to submit for the greater good of the CB community. With the upgrade to CB2022, I no longer have this font color change (see screen capture below). Is this an issue with just my local installation, or something that was changed / overlooked with CB2022? Everything else still functions the same, so it's a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but was an appreciated feature that I would like to restore if possible.
  13. Okay, my case may be more isolated than I assumed then. Just for posterity, here is what I went through recently through today: Working computer - Updated CB2021 to CB2022 and converted database to CB2022. Noticed Item Description column added, but took no notice whether it was searchable. Backup computer - still had CB2021 loaded, but used infrequently. Working computer died. Important files, including CB databases, backed up nightly to external hard drive. Updated CB2021 to CB2022 on backup computer. Copied CB database from external drive to backup computer. Opened CB database on backup computer, which is now my (much slowwwwerrrr) working computer. Attempting to export collection information today noticed that Item Description was not an exportable item, followed by same observation of Item Description missing from the searchable Item Fields list. Assume my problem is universal. Post on CB message board asking for presumed forthcoming solution to my assumed universal problem. Get simple solution from Steve to my perhaps-not-so-universal issue. Go back to searching for a reasonable replacement for my dead dead dead computer. Thanks Steve!
  14. Okay, so if I'm understanding this correctly, Item Description info is searchable and exportable if you start with a clean database, but not with an existing database that the 2022 update has modified to add the Item Description column into (and having created a new database just to check, I see that Item Description is indeed searchable in the new database I just created). That being the case, is that the ultimate "fix" for this issue (migrate the existing database info into a clean/new database), or is that a temporary workaround?
  15. I like Steve's suggestions. Also, with the Item Description column being added to CB and information being migrated from Notes to this column, it would also be good to have some idea as to when that column will be fully-integrated into Search and Export functions of CB, as well as if/when that information may be added to Atomic Avenue (I know, AA has its own board, but there is not an Atomic Avenue Livestream Thread to solicit such information straight from Pete).
  16. Similar issue that I noticed for the mini-series The Shadow Glass from Dark Horse. Originally intended and solicited as a 6-issue mini-series, they ceased physical publication after issue #3, published individual issues #4, 5 and 6 digitally, and then produced a physical TPB of containing all 6 issues. I added notes this morning to issues 4, 5 and 6 to indicate they were only published digitally (I believe through Comixology, but not sure about other outlets, so just left as "Only published digitally" in Notes). In retrospect though, perhaps those existing individual issue entries in the database should instead be reassigned as digital variations 4/Dig, 5/Dig and 6/Dig with no regular issues 4, 5 and 6?
  17. I noticed yesterday that after downloading the update, giving it time to parse out the new Item Description fields from the Notes, and downloading the latest content update, that I was getting some odd returns for an Advanced Search for a cover artist where many of the results returned did not have a cover artist listed at all. I wound up exiting out of the program, then opened it back up and tried again, after which everything has worked as usual without the odd search results. Not saying that is the definite cure for your ills, or offering any reasoning as to why it worked, but that is what worked for me.
  18. Looks like the same Women of Power variant cover is showing for 6/A and 6/C (artist attribution is correct for the 6/C listing)
  19. Steven, this is great! Sorry I didn't see this before derailing Pete in today's livestream, but I really appreciate you putting this together.
  20. The title "It's Not Quite Malibu" in CB appears to be a duplicate of the title "Cavewoman: It's Not Quite Malibu" but without the cover images.
  21. While I see a lot of examples of saved searches, which does help, I'd like to restate Greg's original request for a resource that explains the basic syntax for the Advanced Search. Some of the fields are more intuitive as to how to search on them than others. I don't have a specific search that I'm trying to accomplish at the moment, but would like to have a sort of instruction manual for how to use the tool handy when the need arises.
  22. There appear to be two convention variants for G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero #180: one G.I. Joe Convention version, and one specific to SDCC, with the only apparent difference being the name badge artwork. This observation is based only on available images online though, as I do not have either version in hand:
  23. CB is showing entries for Starchild: Mythopolis #5 and 6 which were unfortunately never published. The other issues listed (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) are the only ones published for this aborted series from 1997-1998.
  24. And a couple of follow-up items for the NFT discussion from a few weeks ago, and whether/how it would affect comics collecting: https://www.marvel.com/articles/gear/marvel-and-veve-collaborate-to-offer-digital-collectibles-experience-for-marvel-fans-worldwide https://www.macroverse.com/ is a new platform for the creation and distribution of creator-owned NFT comics
  25. Out of curiosity, have you guys developed a strategy yet for Kickstarter / Indigogo / etc comics projects as far as determining if/when projects that are fully-funded are actually fulfilled, how those are dated in the database, and how to handle covers which may differ from the preview art shown for the campaign? Info on "funded" projects that may or may not have made it into the real world seems tough to come by. Perhaps showing them with "Preliminary Artwork" on the covers, as with Diamond issues that have been solicited but not yet printed? Entering issues once I have them in hand is one thing, but I'd like to also be able to use ComicBase (and by extension AtomicAvenue) to help identify and track down some of these interesting comics that were not solicited through traditional distribution channels. I've bitten on a handful of Kickstarters lately that I will scan and enter when they arrive, but passed on many more, not to mention those that came previously before I was paying attention. When I do enter them though, do you guys prefer the Notes to read "Funded via Kickstarter," "Self-Published via Kickstarter," just "Kickstarter" or something else?
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