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  1. Delete or Rename Bk 1.jpg to 1.jpg and Bk 1-LE.jpg to 1-LE.jpg From: Pictures\B\Berkley\Empire (Berkley) Delete or Rename FCBD 2024.jpt to FCBD 2024-A.jpg From: Pictures\P\Papercutz\Free Comic Book Day (Papercutz)
  2. I have the same problem. Once this process 'breaks' (stops working (not sure why)) it never starts working again. After Content updates,it only shows the date of that update. There is no history.
  3. Delete or Move FCBD 2020.jpg and FCBD 2020-A.jpg From: Pictures\R\Random House Graphic\Free Comic Book Day (RH Graphic) To: Pictures\R\Random House\Free Comic Book Day (RH Graphic) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 140.jpg) From: Pictures\E\Editions Heritage\Captain America (Editions Heritage) To: Pictures\E\Editions Heritage\Capitaine America Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\J\Junior Carrot Patrol To: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\J\Jr. Carrot Patrol Delete 1.jpg From: Pictures\S\Scout\Cissy (Vol. 2) Delete 1.jpg From: Pictures\S\Source Point\Homestead Delete 1.jpg From: Pictures\S\Source Point\There Was Another Life Rename 1-HC.jpg to Bk 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\M\McFarland & Company\Classics Illustrated- A Cultural History, With Illustrations Delete 4-A.jpg and 4-B.jpg From: Pictures\O\Opus\Dominatrix (Gene Simmons'-) Delete 3-A.jpg and 4-A.jpg From: Pictures\O\Opus\Tales of Science-Fantasy (Frank Frazetta's- )
  4. Here is what I am seeing (in reports generated in CB). If the first issue in the list for a title has a cover it is displayed. If the first issue in the list for a title does not have a cover it is not displayed. Examples (see attached): My Collection Overview report showing the first title with a cover (issue MMPB and the second title without a cover (issue TPB). (1st attachment) First Title in report showing issues MMPB and MMPB-11 where the first issue (MMPB)) is displayed for owned issues MMPB. (2nd attachment) Second Title in report showing issues HC and TPB where the first issue (HC) doesn't have a cover so owned issue TPB does NOT display a cover. (2nd attachment) I have spot-checked several titles where covers are displayed in the report (always has a cover for the first issue of the title) and covers are not displayed always does NOT have a cover for the first issue in the title). Additionally, If the first issues does have an issue but it is not owned, that first cover is displayed for a latter issues what is not the one for that latter issue. (see 4th attachment). The issue with the RED arrow (which is the first issue in that title) is the one used in the Report but the actual issue in the report is the one with the GREEN arrow).
  5. Delete or Move HC.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marek\Matarese Circle, The To: Pictures\R\Richard Marek\Matarese Circle, The Delete or Rename TPB.jpg to 1.jpg then Move From: Pictures\M\Marek\Nuts To: Pictures\R\Richard Marek\Nuts (Richard Marek) Delete or Move FCBD 2023.kjpg From: Pictures\#\-01 First Second\Investi Gators- All Tide Up Sneak Peek! To: Pictures\#\-01 First Second\InvestiGators- All Tide Up Sneak Peek! Delete or Move 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\F\Floating World\Santos Sisters Halloween Special To: Pictures\F\Floating World\Santos Sisters and Friends Halloween Special Delete or Rename 6.jpg to 10.jpg and 7.jpg to 11.jpg then Move From: Pictures\R\Red Circle\Chilling Adventures in Sorcery To: Pictures\R\Red Circle\Red Circle Sorcery Rename 1.jkpg to 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\R\ROM- The Original Marvel Years Omnibus (This one is a little bit of a guess. Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 6.jpg) From: Pictures\H\Heritage\Captain America (Heritage) To Title: Either: 'Captain America (Editions Heritage)' or 'Capitaine America' (The 'TO:' looks like a duplicate Title. Not sure what the final name will be. It could be 'Capitaine America' (title on cover and maybe in the indicia (this is a French language version). or ''Captain America (Editions Heritage)' (but the name might change since it uses the English 'Captain' instead of the French 'Capitain').
  6. Delete or Rename HC.jpg to 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\R\Richard Marek\-And Then We'll Get Him! (Gahan Wilson) Delete or Move 1.jpg and 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\E\Editions Tanibis\Bus, The (Vol. 1) To: Pictures\E\Editions Tanibis\Bus, The Delete or Rename 1.jpg to 2.jpg then Move From: Pictures\E\Editions Tanibis\Bus, The (Vol. 2) To: Pictures\E\Editions Tanibis\Bus, The Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 1-Z.jpg) From: Pictures\T\TidalWave\Female Force Taylor Swift To: Pictures\T\TidalWave\Female Force- Taylor Swift Delete or Rename 1.jpg to Bk 3.jpg then Move From: Pictures\H\HarperCollins\Simpsons, The- Treehouse of Horror Fun-filled Frightfest To: Pictures\B\Bongo\Treehouse of Horror (Bart Simpson's-) Delete or Rename 1.jpg to Bk 4.jpg then Move From: Pictures\H\HarperCollins\Simpsons, The - Treehouse of Horror HooDoo VooDoo Brouhaha To: Pictures\B\Bongo\Treehouse of Horror (Bart Simpson's-) Delete or Rename 1.jpg to Bk 5.jpg then Move From: Pictures\H\HarperCollins\Simpsons, The- Treehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest To: Pictures\B\Bongo\Treehouse of Horror (Bart Simpson's-) Delete or Move ALL (2-A.jpg - 14.jpg) From: Pictures\G\Gauntlet, Inc\Gauntlet To: Pictures\G\Gauntlet\Gauntlet (Gauntlet) Delete or Rename 50-2.jpg to 2.jpg then Move From: Pictures\H\Harvey\Black Cat Comics To: Pictures\C\Canton Street\Flashback Replica Delete or Rename 19-4.jpg to 10.jpg then Move From: Pictures\H\Harvey\Chamber of Chills (Harvey) To: Pictures\C\Canton Street\Flashback Replica Delete or Rename 13.jpg to 1.jpg 14.jpg to 2.jpg 15.jpg to 3.jpg Then Move From: Pictures\H\Hillman\Clue Comics To: Pictures\H\Hillman\Clue Comics (Vol. 2) Delete or Rename 19-2.jpg to 8.jpg then Move From: Pictures\M\Merit\Dark Mysteries To: Pictures\C\Canton Street\Flashback Replica Delete 38-C-2.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\D\Detective Comics (Duplicate of 38-D.jpg) Delete or Rename 1-2.jpg to 5.jpg then Move From: Pictures\A\Avon\Eerie Comics To: Pictures\C\Canton Street\Flashback Replica Delete or Rename Bk 1-9.jpg to Bk 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\I\Image\I\Invincible Delete or Rename 1-2.jpg to 7.jpg then Move From: Pictures\S\St. John\Pictorial Confessions To: Pictures\C\Canton Street\Flashback Replica Delete or Rename 14-2.jpg to 4.jpg From: Pictures\S\St. John\Teen-Age Romances To: Pictures\C\Canton Street\Flashback Replica
  7. While this is being evaluated, There is a possible work-around for up to 3 sets of titles. The idea is to use the Custom Check boxes at the Title level to allow finding all the titles of a set (you define). Only having 3 Title level Custom Check boxes will limit the usefulness of this method. To do this: A) Go to each Title you want in a list and check a Custom Check Box (make sure to Check the same Box (1, 2, or 3) to ensure all the titles are in the same 'list'. This can be done a couple of ways with the easist being using the Title window (CTRL+T), Type in the title name (partial name is fine), then with the title hi-lighted, click on the Modify button. Repeat for each title. NOTE: You can use Setup->Custom Fields to rename the Custom Field to a name like 'Spider-Man' to help keep the (up-to) 3 lists separate. B) Run a Find for Title Fields Custom Check 1 (or whichever one you used or renamed). C) Select all the rows (CTRL+A). D) Right-click to bring up the pop-up menu and select Report Selected Titles As-> <type of report> At this point the report selected window should be displayed with all the Titles in the list selected. You can select the Report options you need from this point. This is not as good as having a larger (or unlimited) set of lists as you are suggestion but is should work for what you want.
  8. The row colors mean: Red: Price has increased (hot) Black/White: Price has not changed Blue: Price has decreased (cold) This is the 'Classic' display. You can use menu item Setup->Preferences to change to Finacial which has 5 different colors (large increase, small increase, no change, small decrease, large decrease). PS This has nothing to do with Dark Mode. The colors will be displayed in any mode.
  9. From the scans on eBay, it appears to be a collection of his captioned cartoons from various magazines and newspapers. So, Yes, it should have the Type changed to 'Comic Books'. PS Not sure why '(Gahan Wilson)' was added to the Title name. There isn't another title with that name, it isn't the publisher, and not it is not a possessive.
  10. Not sure if this is the problem or not but... I can find two Dinotopia titles in CB: Dinotopia: A Land Apart From Time Dinotopia: The World Beneath The 'Land Apart' title only has a partial UPC of '9781878685230'. The Full UPC should be '978187868523052995' If this was the one you scanned the Barcode into the Find box, it wouldn't match the partial UPC. The other one has the full UPC, however.
  11. Using Advanced Find, you can paste one of the following in the WHERE box. NOTE: The Date is in 'yyyy-mm-dd' format. Change it to the day you are looking for. To find any issues Greater Than or Equal to a date with a Qty of 2 or more, you can try: I.[QtyInStock] >= 2 AND I.[LastQtyChangeDate] >= '2024-01-01' Or to find any issues BETWEEN two dates with a QTY of 2 or more, you can try: I.[QtyInStock] >= 2 AND I.[LastQtyChangeDate] BETWEEN '2024-01-01' AND '2024-03-23' Or to find any issues for an exact date with a QTY of 2 or more, you can try: I.[QtyInStock] >= 2 AND I.[LastQtyChangeDate] = '2024-01-23' Again, you will have to change the Dates for what you are looking for. PS There is a column of LastQtyChangeDate you can use Setup->Columns to Display to show it, if you like.
  12. Delete or Move 1.jpg and 1-2.jpg From: Pictures\P\Print Mint\Tales from the Tube To: Pictures\S\Surfer\Tales from the Tube Delete 1-V.jpg and 1-V58.jpg From: Pictures\B\Boom!\BRZRKR (Duplicates of 1-S.jpg and 1-6.jpg, respectively)
  13. A couple of things you can try: A) Press and HOLD the CTRL key when starting CB. You will get a window asking if you want to 'Recreate the database indexes?'. Click YES. If that doesn't work then... B) Use menu item 'File->File Tools' Rebuild Lists. You may only need 'Series Information' but it won't hurt to check all except the last one ('Picture Files List). This will Rebuild / repopulate the various indexes. ============== When you mention 'Duplicates' do you mean a single issue with Qty of greater than or equal to 2? Or two of the same issue number. For example, '1/A' and '1/A'? For a 'Duplicate' by Qty, you can run a Find on Item Field of Qty in Stock which is Greater Then or Equal to 2. or there is an Items Field 'Last Date of Qty Change' you can try using. If you have the Pro or Archive Edition, for the 'Duplicate' by issue number you can use this Advanced Find: I.Title || I.ItemNumber IN ( (SELECT A.Title || A.ItemNumber FROM ComicIssues A WHERE I.Title = A.Title and I.ItemNumber = A.ItemNumber GROUP BY A.Title, A.ItemNumber HAVING COUNT(*) > 1 ) ) NOTE: If you have Duplicates you created on purpose (i.e. 2 issues with different Conditions and or Prices), those will show up in the list of Duplicates, also. PS This will just find Duplicates for 'Comic Book' Types. For other types: Change 'From ComicIssues A' to 'From Books A' Change 'From ComicIssues A' to 'FROM Magazines A' Change 'From ComicIssues A' to 'FROM Newspapers A'
  14. Looks like it is in 'Shi: The Way of the Warrior' #4-2. https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/86012/1/Shi-The-Way-of-the-Warrior-42
  15. At a guess, I think CB is automatically downloading the one in the master database and replacing the one you modified. Use menu item Setup->Preferences and see if you have Automatically Download Larger Pictures checked. (see attaached) If you do, uncheck it, modify the cover and see if it stay that way.
  16. When you click on the cover can in the grid area, does the expanded image have the correct orientation? If it does, you may just need to delete the thumbnail. They are located in folder C (colon) \Users\Public\Documents\Human Computing\Thumbnails . Since the Publisher is 'Legendary', open the 'L' folder, then the 'Legendary' folder and finally the 'Holy Terror (Legendary)' folder. Delete the thumbnail (these are all recreated so there is no danger doing this). If that doesn't fix it, it may be getting re-downloaded.
  17. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\Y\Yahoo\DTs To: Pictures\Y\Yahoo Production\DTs Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 30.jpg) From: Pictures\B\Bell\Active Comics To: Pictures\B\Bell Features\Active Comics Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 22.jpg) From: Pictures\B\Bell\Commando Comics To: Pictures\B\Bell Features\Commando Comics Delete or Move 35.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bell\Cowboy 'Ventures To: Pictures\B\Bell Features\Cowboy 'Ventures Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 34.jpg) From: Pictures\B\Bell\Dime Comics (Bell) To: Pictures\B\Bell Features\Dime Comics (Bell) Delete or Move 12.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bell\Honeymoon Romances To: Pictures\B\Bell Features\Honeymoon Romances Delete or Move 3.jpg and 8.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bell\Katy Keene (Bell) To: Pictures\B\Bell Features\Katy Keene (Bell) Delete or Move 65.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bell\Remarkable Adventures To: Pictures\B\Bell Features\Remarkable Adventures Delete or Move 5.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bell\True Adventures (Bell) To: Pictures\B\Bell Features\True Adventures (Bell) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 30.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bell\Wow Comics (Bell) To: Pictures\B\Bell Features\Wow Comics (Bell) Delete or Move 1-C.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\S\Spider-Punk (2nd Series) To: Pictures\M\Marvel\S\Spider-Punk- Arms Race Delete or Rename 1-D-6.jpg to 1-V59.jpg 1-E-6.jpg to 1-V60.jpg 1-F-6.jpg to 1-V56.jpg 1-G-6.jpg to 1-V64.jpg 1-H-6.jpg to 1-V65.jpg 1-K-6.jpg to 1-V71.jpg 1-l-6.jpg to 1-V72.jpg From: Pictures\B\Boom!\BRZRKR NOTE: 1-V57.jpg appears to be a duplicate of 1-V72.jpg (after rename) and should probably be deleted. Delete 28.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\G\Green Lantern (5th Series) Delete 3-C.jpg From: Pictures\F\Fantagraphics\Red Room- Trigger Warnings (Duplicate of 3-B.jpg)
  18. Just about all lists I have seen do not consider leasing articles when considering the Order of names. 'El' is Spanish is an article and should not be the leading part of a sort order so 'El Dorado' should be sorted among the 'D's. The Issue table only has 'Title' in it while the Title table has 'Title', 'DisplayTitle' and 'AlphabetizedTitle'. Not knowing the programming, I don't know if a Find can be done on 'Title' and' 'DisplayTitle' (which would have the leading article at the beginning) with out slowing down the process and/or getting duplicates in the suggestion list. Same thing when you display the Title window (CTRL+T). Having said that, when doing a Find (especially if you are having problems getting the result you want), try using signficant or fewer words. In the case of 'El Dorado', trying 'Dorado' would have suggested 2 titles would be suggested (with one of the 'Dorado, El'). Even just typing 'Dora' would bring up a list with 'Derado, El' being first in the list.
  19. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\W\Wrong Earth, The- Trapped on Teen Planet To: Pictures\A\Ahoy\Wrong Earth, The- Trapped on Teen Planet Delete or Rename Smr 2014.jpg to SF 2014.jpg From: Pictures\F\Fleetway Quality\2000 A.D Delete or Rename 1-2.jpg to 3.jpg 2-2.jpg to 6.jpg 3-2.jpg to 9.jpg 4-2.jpg to 11.jpg 5-2.jpg to 1.jpg then Move From: Pictures\E\E.C\Moon Girl To: Pictures\C\Canton Street\Flashback Replica Delete 98-A-2.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\N\New Mutants, The Delete 1.jpg From: Pictures\B\Broadsword\Secret Studio Story, A- Tales of the Raven Hex & Boo Cat (Duplicate of 1-A.jpg) Delete 269-A.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\U\Uncanny X-Men, The (Duplicate of 269.jpg)
  20. If you have a scan of #2 4th printing, you can upload it, if you like.
  21. I can find a listing at Midtown Comics here: https://www.midtowncomics.com/product/2280581 and MyComicShop here: https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?asm=3&TID=60523566 Both have the correct UPC (first 13 characters), cover price ($23.00) and Year 2024 (though they differ on Month). And the Desciptions do mention the David Wenzel comic book adaptation.
  22. Delete or Move ALL (TPB 2015.jpg - TPB 2021.jpg) From: Pictures\B\Beckett\Beckett Non-Sport Almanac To: Pictures\B\Beckett Media\Beckett Non-Sport Almanac Delete or Move TPB.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bear Manor\Bright Lights, Lonely Nights To: Pictures\B\BearManor\Bright Lights, Lonely Nights Delete or Move TPB.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bear Manor\Inside Seka To: Pictures\B\BearManor\Inside Seka Delete or Move TPB.jpg From: Pictures\B\Beacon\Prophet Against Slavery To: Pictures\B\Beacon Press\Prophet Against Slavery Delete or Move Bk 1.jpg From: Pictures\B\Behemoth\Brainbomb To: Pictures\B\Behemoth Books\Brainbomb Delete or Move 1.jpg and 2.jpg From: Pictures\B\Beach\Crozonia- The War Beneath the Waves To: Pictures\B\Beach Studios\Crozonia- The War Beneath the Waves Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\B\Beacon\Fist Stick Knife Gun- A Personal History of Violence To: Pictures\B\Beacon Press\Fist Stick Knife Gun- A Personal History of Violence Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 4.jpg) From: Pictures\B\BD Must\Alan MacBride (BD Must) To: Pictures\B\BD Must\Allan MacBride (BD Must) Delete or rename 1.jpg to Staple.jpg From: Pictures\B\Beef Eye\Gods & Dogs Delete or Rename 1.jpg to 1-F.jpg then Move From: Pictures\B\Bear Claw\My Nightmarish Little Venomous Ponies To: Pictures\B\Bear Claw\My Nightmarish Little Venomous Ponies (Note 1-A.jpg and 1-B.jpg should probably also be moved but don't seem to have any issues listed in the new correct title) Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\Archie\Shield (Archie) To: Lancelot Strong, the Shield Delete or Move 2.jpg From: Pictures\A\Archie\Shield (Archie) To: Shield, The (Red Circle) Delete or Move 2.jpg From: Pictures\A\Archie\Shield (Archie) To: Pictures\R\Red Circle\Shield-Steel Sterling Delete or Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\B\BearManor\Silver Age of Comics, The Delete or Raname 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\B\BearManor\Superhero Confidential Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 3405.jpg0 From: Pictures\B\Beckett\Non-Sport Update To: Pictures\B\Beckett Media\Non-Sport Update Delete or Move 2.jpg and 3.jpg From: Pictures\P\Popular\Thrilling Mysteries To: Pictures\B\Beacon\Thrilling Mystery
  23. Delete or Move ALL (1-B.jpg - 1-E.jpg) From: Pictures\Z\Zenescope\Van Helsing- The Beast of Exmoor To: Pictures\Z\Zenescope\Van Helsing- Beast of Exmoor Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\Downtown\DC Super Heroes- Who's Who- To: Pictures\D\Downtown Bookworks\DC Super Heroes- Who's Who- Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - Bk 1-HC.jpg) From: Pictures\D\Diamond\Boris Karloff- Gold Key Mysteries To: Pictures\G\Gold Key\Boris Karloff- Gold Key Mysteries Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\T\Times Arrow\Danger Cat To: Pictures\T\Time's Arrow\Danger Cat Delete or Move ALL (1-2.jpg - 2-C.jpg) From: Pictures\H\Hellion Arts LLC\Fiendish To: Pictures\H\Hellion Arts\Fiendish Delete 3-C.jpg From: Pictures\Z\Zenescope\Belle Annual- Apex Predator
  24. Did you create another Database at some point (even if you later deleted it) or do you have another database on your system? When you use CB or Sidekick, certain actions prompt CB to send a list of found databases to the CB Website. Some things you can check... In CB use File->Recent Databases and see if more than one database shows up. In Windows, go to C(colon)\Users\<your-logon-id>\Documents\Human Computing\ComicBase Databases folder and see if there more than one *.cbdb file (that are not backups). You can use the Database Unique Identifier (found with File->Collection Statistics then clicking on the icon that looks like a cylinder in the top right corner) to remove the extraneous one from the CB Website. If you have not created a new database and/or don't have an extra database in the supplied folder, then I am not sure how the second database is showing up.
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