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  1. What Edition of CB do you have? I am going to assume you have the Archive Edition. If you do, you can select issues, right-click and select Download Covers from the pop-up menu.
  2. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\B\Banana Tail\Boonana Tail Halloween Special To: Pictures\B\Banana Tale\Boonana Tail Halloween Special Delete or Move FCBD 2023.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\D\Dawn of DC Knight Terrors To: Pictures\D\DC\D\Dawn of DC Knight Terrors FCBD Special Edition Delete or Move FCBD 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\American Mythology\Free Comic Book Day-Tom Holland's Fright Night To: Pictures\A\American Mythology\Fright Night (Tom Holland's-) Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\S\Spider-Man 2 (Custom Sony Interactive Entertainment 2023) To: Pictures\M\Marvel\C\Custom Sony Interactive Entertainment 2023 English Print Comic Delete or Rename 1.jpg to 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\A\Archie\Chilling Adventures Presents- Jinx Grim Fairy Tales (Duplicate of 1-A.jpg) Rename 1-A.jpg to 1-B.jpg then 1.jpg to 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\M\Mad Cave\Don't Spit in the Wind Rename 1.jpg to 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\E\Epic\Elektra Lives Again
  3. I have the 4K Archive Edition and the same build. I am not seeing what you are describing when adding a new Title. Is is possible to get screen prints of what you are seeing? And the exact steps you are taking (the more detail the better)? The only thing I can think of is the 'focus' is not in the box you are trying to type in.
  4. If I follow what you are doing, you are doing it incorrectly. I think you are placing the cover scan in the actual folder location. Then you are taking that cover and dropping in the grid. I have done this and replicated your error. What you should be doing is, from some other folder, drag/drop the cover scan in CB so that it will copy the cover to the correct location. OR If you placed the cover scan in the correct folder location, you should leave and come back to the title and it will show up.
  5. PS Look in the list of started tasks (normally lower right corner on the task base) and see if it is there. You may need to click on an 'arrow' to display all of them depending on how you have your task bar set up.
  6. It is installed with CB. Either type ComicBase Sidekick in the search on the task bar or Use Start and look in the app list for your ComicBase edition. Expanded that and you should see sidekick.
  7. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\T\Tart- Demons and Demagogues To: Pictures\S\Scout\Tart- Demons and Demagogues Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\C\Carnage Reigns- Alpha To: Pictures\M\Marvel\C\Carnage Reigns Alpha Delete or Rename 1-B.jpg to 1-C.jpg and 1-E.jpg to 1-F.jpg then Move From: Pictures\B\Boom!\Firefly- Big Damn Finale To: Pictures\B\Boom!\All-New Firefly- Big Damn Finale Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\W\We Are Legends To: Pictures\D\DC\D\Dawn of DC We Are Legends Special Edition Delete or Rename 1.jpg to 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\A\Archie\Chilling Adventures Presents- Weirder Mysteries Delete or Move FCBD 2023.jpg From: Pictures\F\Fantagraphics\Fabulous Furry Brothers, The- Freak Comic Book Day To: Pictures\F\Fantagraphics\Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, The- Freak Comic Book Day
  8. I don't know. I have the Archive edition. It is possible that with the fewer number of covers, a quick start may not be available.
  9. Select My Account->Registrations on the CB website. Click the Green arrow next to your active subscription. This should get you Recommended option to download Quick Start version of the Pictures (and Creator interviews/Movies if you like. OR click the Other radio button if you want to download the full size covers all at once.
  10. I don't think they keep current value (Price) anywhere but in that field. When you Lock that field, the Price CB sends down in the update wont' be in the database. If there is a separate table that holds Condition and it's multiplier, I don't know it. The Case statement I supplied does the same thing as what it sounds like you are looking for. Generate the current Prince (based on ValueYear4) modified by the multiplier for each (standard) condition and compare it to the Price you have. So, does this get what you need or is there something else?
  11. Greg, I am not sure if this gets you what you are looking for. It uses ValueYear4 to get the Current Price which is not accurate. If you have Locked the Price, the actual value you want for that week is not stored in the database (I don't believe). However, I checked a new database and all the Price and ValueYear4 matched in value (except for 2 which looked like they rounded to nearest whole dollar). What this does is uses the Condition value in a CASE expression to convert to the Percent value then multiplies with the ValueYear4 to get the adjusted price per Condition. I.Price < (I.ValueYear4 * CASE I.Condition WHEN 'MT' THEN 1.5 1.05 WHEN 'NM' THEN 1 WHEN 'NM-' THEN .9 WHEN 'VF-NM' THEN .8 WHEN 'VF' THEN .66 WHEN 'FN' THEN .33 WHEN 'VG' THEN .20 WHEN 'G' THEN .13 WHEN 'FA' THEN .08 WHEN 'P' THEN .02 END) * .5 PS If you have other than the Standard Conditions (CGC for example), you will need to use Setup->Grading... to get the Text value (under Cond) and the Percent value (under % of NM) and add additional WHEN ... THEN ... statements.
  12. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\T\Top Shelf\Boy In My Pocket To: Pictures\T\Top Shelf\Billy Dogma Experience, The- Boy in my Pocket Delete 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\C\Crown\All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Watching Star Trek (Duplicate of HC.jpg) Delete 1.jpg From: Pictures\R\Rutgers University\Desegregating Comics (Duplicate of TPB.jpg) Delete 1.jpg From: Pictures\O\OTR\Green Hornet, The- A History of Radio, Motion Pictures, Comics, and Television (Duplicate of TPB.jpg) Delete or Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\F\Fantoons\Iron Maiden Coloring Book Delete or Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\T\Toledo Zoo\Memorial Guide To The Toledo Zoo Delete or Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\U\University Press of Mississippi\Super Heroes- A Modern Mythology Delete or Rename 2060.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\W\Whitman\Superman Smashes the Secret of the Mad Director Delete or Rename 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\S\SIU\World of Fanzines, The Delete 12-C.jpg From: Pictures\T\Titan\Doctor Who- The Eleventh Doctor (Duplicate of 12-B.jpg) Delete 12-X.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dynamite\Vampirella (7th Series) (Duplicate of 12-HC.jpg) Delete 501.jpg (Duplicate of 25.jpg), Delete 806.jpg (Duplicate of 48.jpg), Rename 1805.jpg to 110.jpg, Rename 1807.jpg to 112.jpg, Rename 1904.jpg to 121.jpg From: Pictures\P\Paizo\Dungeon (Magazine)
  13. I checked and I don't have those 28 extra covers. If you have the Archive Edition there is a way to get rid of 'orphan' covers (covers that do not have a matching issue in CB). Open File Tools. Press and Hold ALT while selecting Manage Pictures and Movies'. When the window comes up, there should be a 'Copy Pictures For Existing Items' button in the lower left cover. Click this will start a process where CB will compare every cover scan file to the Title/Issues in CB. If it is found, it will copy it to a different location (one you specify). If it is NOT found it will not copy it. Once the process is finished, you can either Point you CB to this new Pictures file location (remember to point to the Folder that CONTAINS the Pictures folder). or Delete (or rename) the original location to something else, then copy the new picture folder contents to the original location. PS It would hurt to run a Rebuild LIsts for Picture information to get everything back into sync (picture information in CB).
  14. You can also try to press and hold the CTRL key when starting CB. This will ask if you want to 'Recreate the database indexes?'. Click yes. This may (or may not) clean up the problem.
  15. Use the TAB delimited option instead of comma delimited. I also have issues with the Comma but the TAB delimited always works (for me).
  16. I am not saying it isn't a valid suggestion. I (and possibly the editors) may not have been sure what you had in mind. 1st appearances, deaths, etc. could be Major. I am not sure what would be considered minor, however.
  17. What would be major and minor key icons?
  18. Delete or Rename 1.jpg to TPB-A.jpg the Move From: Pictures\O\Opus Books\Batman's Arsenal- Encyclopedic Chronicle To: Pictures\O\Opus\Batman's Arsenal- Encyclopedic Chronicle Delete or Move ALL (1-E.jpg - 1-G.jpg) From: Pictures\M\Marvel\S\Sins of Sinister- Dominion To: Pictures\M\Marvel\S\Sins of Sinister Dominion Delete 2.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\B\Blue Book (Duplicate of 2-A.jpg) Delete or Move 234.jpg and 247.jpg From: Pictures\Z\Zig-Zag\Jinete Fantasma, El To: Pictures\Z\Zig-Zag\Manque, El
  19. Yes, Tales. That will teach me to try typing during a Livestream...
  20. AA and my database has title 'DC Silent Tales'. UPC is 76194137882400111. There is also a 'DC Speechless with the same UPC. 'DC Silent Tapes' has covers with 'DC Silent Tapes' My guess is that 'DC Speechless' was put when it was solicited and should probably be deleted as it appears the actual title changed to 'DC Silent Tapes'.
  21. Can you be a little clearer? What is 'Zappy Zap' (although I can make a guess)? What exactly is happening?
  22. Can you include a screen print of the report options for the Identification Labels?
  23. I don't have a label printer so I can't test this out but you might try: Start on a Title that has some issues you own. Use menu item Report->Identification Labels. In the Series to Print area, select 'Current Series' (You can select series/issues from inside the report but for testing it is easier to start from a title you have some issues in). Alternately, you can select/hi-light one or more issues you own, right-click and select Identification labels from the pop-up menu (or use F6). Below select any of the information you want on the label. In the Printer drop-down box in the top right corner, select your label writer. It should be in the list. If not that is your first problem. Next select a Label type. I am assuming the only difference between the Dymo Address and Dymo Shipping are the size (Address is about 1 inch wide while the Shipping is about 2 inches wide). Select one of them (I would start with Dymo Address). Click on the Preview button. Does this bring up a window with a representation of what the label looks like? If it does, try to print it from the preview. It is the second icon from the left in the top left corner. Did that work? If none of that worked, if you have a regular printer avaiable, can you print to a normal piece of paper (8/1/2 x 11) just to see if CB and Windows are 'talking' to each other.
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