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  1. There is no way to currently 'combine' the four different Types into one report (or display). This is due to each type having some unique fields.
  2. Thanks for that information J. Smythe. I have tested this out by uninstalling CB 2024, installing CB 2023 and opening an old database that needed content updated. Using Menu item Internet/Check for Updates will require you to install any 'forced' update without the ability to update content. But, using Menu item File->Collection Statiistics (F12) then selecting Download Update WILL download the content update without being asked to update the database.
  3. The Editors are tending to use Variations A, B, C, etc instead of the other named variations for most things. (Not saying they never will use them again but not their first choice). This has to do with the insane amount of variations and variation combos the publishers tarted using. the Notes (or possible Item Description) can be use to more clearly describe the issue.
  4. Delete or Move HC 1.jpg and HC 2.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\A\Art of Marvel To: Pictures\M\Marvel\A\Art of Marvel, The Delete or Move HC-2.jpg From: Pictures\V\Viz\Art of Naruto Uzumaki To: Pictures\V\Viz\Art of Naruto Uzumaki, The Delete or Move MMPB.jpg From: Pictures\B\Boulevard\Avengers and Thunderbolts To: Pictures\B\Boulevard\Avengers and the Thunderbolts, The Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\P\Panini\100% Marvel- Projet Marvels, Le- La Naissance des Super-Heros (Panini) To: Pictures\P\Panini\100% Marvel- Le Projet Marvels- La Naissance des Super-Heros (Panini) Delete 4-A.jpg - 4-C.jpg From: Pictures\C\Chaos Quill\Crestar and The Knight Stallion Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 7.jpg) From: Pictures\M\Marvel\E\Essential Captain America, The To: Pictures\M\Marvel\E\Essential Captain America Delete or Move FCBC 1.jpg From: Pictures\T\Tokyopop\Choose Your Weapon To: Pictures\T\Tokyopop\Choose Your Weapon Sampler Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 9.jpg) From: Pictures\M\Marvel\E\Essential Fantastic Four, The To: Pictures\M\Marvel\E\Essential Fantastic Four Delete 104-A.jpg and 113-A.jpg From: Pictures\G\Gold Key\Tweety and Sylvester (2nd Series) (Duplicates of 104.jpg and 113.jpg, respectively) Delete 1.jpg From: Pictures\I\IDW\Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 75th Anniversary Special (Duplicate of 1-A.jpg) Delete 60-A.jpg From: Pictures\G\Gold Key\Yosemite Sam (Duplicate of 60-2.jpg)
  5. Try going to the ComicBase website an selecting My Account / Profile. Scroll down to Known Databases. Check the Database drop-down box. If there are databases there you dont want, select them and click Remove. Note: You Can delete all entries then go to you ComicBase and use menu item File->Collection Statistics (or F12). Thie will populate the database to you My Account / Profile. (it may take a bit of time to show up.)
  6. If it was an interim update, there is an option in Preferences to skip them. However, I don't know of anyway to skip a regular update (the quarterly ones or new versions).
  7. The upgrade to CB 2024 is pretty seamless and shouldn't take any time (other than the install process). However, if you are capable of doing the content update only (never tried skipping an upgrade so I am not sure), that should not be a problem.
  8. Delete or Move 7.jpg, 14.jpg and 18.jpg From: Pictures\C\Charlton\Attack (4th Series) To: Pictures\C\Charlton\Attack (5th Series) Delete or Rename Bk 1.jpg to Bk 2.jpg then Move From: Pictures\L\Lancer\Fantastic Four Return, The To: Pictures\L\Lancer\Fantastic Four, The (Lancer) Delete or Move 2.jpg and 3.jpg From: Pictures\R\Radical Visions\Lady Darke To: Pictures\R\Radical Visions\LadyDarke Delete or Move ALL (1-D.jpg - 2-C.jpg) From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\U\Usagi Yojimbo- Ice & Snow To: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\U\Usagi Yojimbo- Ice and Snow Delete or Rename Dlx 1-3.jpt to 1-3.jpg then Move From: Pictures\K\Kitchen Sink\Xenozoic Tales To: Pictures\F\Flesk\Xenozoic Delete 38.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\D\DC Connect (Duplicate of 38-B.jpg)
  9. Here Comes…Daredevil Marvel US none Incredible Hulk, The (Lancer) Amazing Spider-Man Collector’s Album, The (Lancer) Fantastic Four, The (Paperbacks) Delete or Move 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\S\Spectre- The Wrath of the Spectre Omnibus To: Pictures\D\DC\S\Spectre, The- The Wrath of the Spectre Omnibus Delete or Rename Bk 3.jpg to Bk 2-A.jpg Bk 4.jpg to Bk 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\G\Green Lantern-Green Arrow Delete or Move ALL (2-A.jpg - 2-D.jpg) From: Pictures\M\Massive - Sumerian\Blackout Bombshell, The To: Pictures\S\Sumerian\Blackout Bombshell, The Delete or Move Bk 1.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\H\Here Comes-Daredevil To: Pictures\L\Lancer\Here Comes-Daredevil Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\I\Incredible Hulk, The (Lancer) To: Pictures\L\Lancer\Incredible Hulk, The (Lancer) Delete or Rename Bk 1.jpg to 1.jpg then Move From: \Pictures\L\Lancer\Amazing Spider-Man Collector's Album, The (Lancer) To: Pictures\M\Marvel\A\Amazing Spider-Man, The (Lancer) Delete or Move 5.jpg From: Pictures\A\Ahoy\Black's Myth- The Key to His Heart To: Pictures\A\Ahoy\Black's Myth (Vol. 2) (or, since this looks like Preliminary Artwork, just delete if you don't want them) Delete or Move Bk 1.jpg and Bk 2.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\F\Fantastic Four, The (Paperbacks) To: Pictures\L\Lancer\Fantastic Four, The (Lancer) Delete or Rename Bk 3.jpg to Bk 1.jpg then Move From: Pictures\M\Marvel\F\Fantastic Four, The (Paperbacks) To: Pictures\P\Pocket\Fantastic Four, The (Pocket Books) Delete or Rename Bk 4.jpg to 2838.jpg then Move From: Pictures\M\Marvel\F\Fantastic Four, The (Paperbacks) To: Pictures\M\Marvel\M\Marvel Illustrated Books Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 220.jpg) From: Pictures\Z\Zig-Zag\Jinete Fantasma, El To: Pictures\Z\Zig-Zag\Jinete Fantasma, El (Zig-Zag) Delete or Move Bk 1.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\S\Spider-Woman (Book) To: Pictures\P\Pocket\Spider-Woman (Pocket Books) Delete or Move Bk 1.jpg From: Pictures\P\Pocket\Stan Lee Presents the Fantastic Four To: Pictures\P\Pocket\Fantastic Four, The (Pocket Books) Delete or Move Bk 1.jpg From: Pictures\P\Pocket\Stan Lee Presents the Incredible Hulk To: Pictures\P\Pocket\Incredible Hulk, The (Pocket Books) Delete TPB.jpg From: Pictures\M\Moonstone\Kolchak- The Lost World Delete TPB.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\P\Predator- Turnabout Delete 1.jpg From: Pictures\C\Comics Conspiracy\Meanwhile- A Comic Shop Anthology (duplicate of 1-B.jpg)
  10. The s The short answer is no. Indeed, Bk 3 in Fantastic Four, The (Paperbacks). This Series was published by Lancer (Books) and not Marvel. There were 2 book. The Fantastic Four published by Pocked (Books) does need its own title. PS Bk 4 in Fantastic Four, The (Paperbacks) does not belong there, either. This was a different title published by Marvel. For now, just set up the new 'Fantastic Four, The (Pocket)' (or Pocket Books). I will need more research to try to untangle this mess. When I do, I will notify you on Slack.
  11. There are a few corrections. A) 'Spider-Woman (Book)' publisher Marvel is incorrect. The Publisher is Pocket (Books). Should be either 'Spider-Woman (Pocket Books)' or 'Spider-Woman (Pocket)' with Publisher Pocket. B) Title 'Stan Lee Presents the Incredible Hulk' and 'Incredible Hulk, The (Pocket Books)' are duplicate titles. Probably delete 'Stan Lee Presents the Incredible Hulk' (see next item) C) Title 'Stan Lee Presents the Fantastic Four' should changed to 'Fantastic Four, The (Pocket Books) or 'Fantastic Four, The (Pocket)'. All the other Marvel reprint in this 'set' of books are entered without the 'Stan Lee Presents': Amazing Spider-Man, The (Pocket Books, 1st Series) Amazing Spider-Man, The (Pocket Books, 2nd Series) Captain America (Pocket Books) Doctor Strange (Pocket Books) Incredible Hulk, The (Pocket Books) Spider-Woman (Book) Note 1: As you can see most of these have (Pocket Books) in the title name instead of just Pocket. I am not suggesting they all be changed to just (Pocket) but at least be consistent when changing the titles (Spider-Woman and Fantastic Four) so they all use the same format. Note 2: 'Stan Lee Presents' isn't used consistently with these books and looks more like 'trade dress' then actually part of the title name. If you have more questions, let me know.
  12. Additional changes: Delete or Rename HC 1-A-3.jpg to HC 1-C.jpg HC 1-A-4.jpg to HC 1-D.jpg HC 2-A-3.jpg to HC 2-C.jpg HC 2-A-4.jpg to HC 2-D.jpg From: Pictures\D\Del Rey\Belgariad, The (Del Rey) Delete or Rename HC 1-2.jpg to HC 1-B.jpg HC 2-2.jpg to HC 2-B.jpg From: Pictures\D\Doubleday\Chronicles of Amber, The (Doubleday) Delete or Rename HC-A-2.jpg to HC-B.jpg From: Pictures\S\St. Martin's\Colour of Magic, The (St. Martin's) Delete or Rename HC.jpg to HC-A.jpg From: Pictures\D\Doubleday\Complete Book of Swords, The (Doubleday) Delete or Rename HC-A-3.jpg to HC-C.jpg From: Pictures\H\Harper & Row\Doorways in the Sand Delete or Rename HC-A-2.jpg to HC-B.jpg From: Pictures\A\Atheneum\Helliconia Summer (Atheneum) Delete or Rename HC-A-2.jpg to HC-B.jpg From: Pictures\A\Atheneum\Helliconia Winter (Atheneum) Delete or Rename HC-A-2.jpg to HC-B.jpg From: Pictures\D\Del Rey\Job- A Comedy of Justice (Del Rey) Delete or Rename HC-2.jpg to HC-B.jpg From: Pictures\S\SFBC-Doubleday\Master Mind of Mars and A Fighting Man of Mars, The (SFBC) Delete or Rename HC-A-2.jpg to HC-B.jpg From: Pictures\H\HarperCollins\Monstrous Regiment (HarperCollins) Delete or Rename HC-A-3.jpg to HC-C.jpg From: Pictures\D\Del Rey\Star Wars- From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker Delete or Rename HC-4.jpg to HC-D.jpg From: Pictures\D\Doubleday\Starchild Trilogy, The (Doubleday) Delete or Rename HC.jpg to HC-A.jpg From: Pictures\S\SFBC-Doubleday\Swords of Mars and Synthetic Men of Mars (SFBC) Delete or Rename HC-2.jpg to HC-B.jpg From: Pictures\S\SFBC-University of Nebraska\Under the Moons of Mars (SFBC) Delete or Rename HC-2.jpg to HC-B.jpg From: Pictures\D\Doubleday\Warlock Enlarged, The (Doubleday)
  13. Depends what Edition you have and if you want the Quick Start (small) covers or full-sized ones. For the Archive Edition for full-sized covers.: Go to the ComicBase website. Select My Account (top left corner) then Registrations. Click the green arrow under Download next to your active subscription. Then click the Other radio button to get the downloadable picture files. If you want the Quick Start covers, I don't see a download for them. You might have to reinstall CB to get them?
  14. No, it should be changed as the Publisher is incorrect. It is not 'Marvel' and should be 'Pocket' (books). (which is why I didn't find it as I was looking for Publisher 'Pocket'...)
  15. I only have the Amazing Spider-Man set of books but they have Stan Lee Presents (in small print) over The Amazing Spider-Man on the cover and Spine. The back cover has just The Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 2 and 3. One didn't have a number on the back). The title page has Stan Lee presents over The Amazing Spider-Man and the indicia page has Marvel Comics' over The Amazing Spider-Man (#2 and #3. One doesn't have a number). Since they vary so much, I would leave them (and change the ones need) to just 'Character (Pocket Books)' as a title. (Only added Books since the others have it). PS While looking at the other Marvel character Pocket Books, I noticed that all the other have issue numbers Bk x except The two Amazing Spider-Man series. The just have a number (i.e. 1, 2, 3).
  16. Delete or Rename HC 1-22.jpg to HC-22.jpg then Move From: Pictures\D\DAW\Kingkiller Chronicle (DAW) To: Pictures\D\DAW\Name of the Wind, The (DAW) Delete or Rename HC 2-9.jpg to HC-9.jpg then Move From: Pictures\D\DAW\Kingkiller Chronicle (DAW) To: Pictures\D\DAW\Wise Man's Fear, The (DAW) Delete or Rename MMPB 1.jpg to MMPB.jpg then Move From: Pictures\B\Boulevard\Spider-Man: Sinister Six Trilogy To: Pictures\B\Boulevard\Spider-Man- The Gathering of the Sinister Six Delete or Rename HC 2.jpg to HC.jpg then Move From: Pictures\B\Boulevard\Spider-Man: Sinister Six Trilogy To: Pictures\I\iBooks\Spider-Man- Revenge of the Sinister Six (ibooks) Delete or Rename HC 3.jpg to HC.jpg then Move From: Pictures\B\Boulevard\Spider-Man: Sinister Six Trilogy To: Pictures\I\iBooks\Spider-Man- The Secret of the Sinister Six (ibooks) Delete or Move MMPB.jpg and MMPB-2.jpg From: Pictures\B\Boulevard\Spider-Man- The Sinister Six Combo To: Pictures\I\iBooks\Spider-Man- The Sinister Six Combo (ibooks) Delete or Rename TPB x.jpg to MMPB x.jpg (where x is 1 to 4) then Move From: Pictures\R\Rebellion\Fiends of the Eastern Front (novel) To: Pictures\B\Black Flame UK\Fiends of the Eastern Front (Black Flame UK) Delete or Rename 1.jpg to MMPB.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\A\Aliens- Cauldron Delete or Move ALL (1-A.jpg - 2-E.jpg) From: Pictures\B\Boom!\Coda (2nd Series, Boom!) To: Pictures\B\Boom!\Coda (Boom!, Vol. 2) Delete or Rename 1.jpg to GS 1.jpg From: Pictures\P\Pioneer\Giant Size Official Prince Valiant To: Pictures\P\Pioneer\Official Prince Valiant, The Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\P\Pioneer\Official Prince Valiant Monthly To: Pictures\P\Pioneer\All Prince Valiant Then Delete or Move 2.jpg through 8.jpg From: Pictures\P\Pioneer\Official Prince Valiant Monthly To: Pictures\P\Pioneer\Prince Valiant Monthly Delete or Rename TPB x.jpg to MMPB x.jpg (where x is 1 to 6) From: Pictures\E\Eos\Books of Magic, The (Novel) Delete or Rename 11-2.jpg to 11-B.jpg From Pictures\D\DC\H\Harley Quinn (3rd Series) (duplicate of 11-B.jpg)
  17. I believe this is in the database as 'Something is Killing the Children' #31I. https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/1331195/1/Something-is-Killing-the-Children-31I. This is based on the Item Description of 'FOC Reveal Variant' and Cover Artist Dike Ruan which matches what you are looking for. However, the issue needs a correction: The UPC is a duplicate on issue 31/H 84428400737531081 when it should be 84428400737531091.
  18. I believe it is in the database but it may not be in the correct location. see 'Invincible' Bk 1-8 https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/1242905/1/Invincible-Book-1-8th-printing (ignore the cover as it is the wrong one (should be for 'Inferno Girl: Red')) It has the same UPC and Street Date. The Problem is the other Bk 1 issues reprint #1-4 while this one reprints #1-7. I 'think' similar situations (see some recent post regarding Marvel Masterworks) were handled with Variation. So this maybe shouldbe Bk 1/A (at a guess). But the book you are looking for IS in the database.
  19. The process is fairly straightforward. Do you help with it or do you think you got it for now? Pretty much select the fields you want, check Export only titles in Stock, and Include Field Headers (not required but adds the column names, change Item separator to TAB (you will have much less trouble) then click Export and it will ask you where to put the file.
  20. What is your edition? Express, Professional, Archive? The reason I ask is the Archive and Professional have both Import and Export capability. Express only has one of those (and I don't remember which). Check under menu item File and see if Export is available. If it is, I would strongly suggest using TAB separated text as the Comma separated has a few problems. If you don't happen to have Export capability, If you do Find for all your issues (Qty >= 1), you can select / hi-light all the fields in the grid view then use windows CTRL+C to copy it and then CTRL+V to paste it into the spreadsheet. If you need more details, let me know where you need clarification.
  21. Delete or Move 9.jpg From: Pictures\I\I W Enterprises\Dynamic Adventures To: Pictures\I\I.W\Dynamic Adventures Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\I\I Don't Get It Graphics\I Know God Smiles on These Good Times To: Pictures\I\I Don't Get It\I Know God Smiles on These Good Times Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg-14.jpg) From: Pictures\I\I.W. Enterprises\Sharpy Fox To: Pictures\I\I.W\Sharpy Fox Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\T\Tundra\Melting Pot Sketchbook To: Pictures\T\Tundra\Sketchbook Series, The (Tundra) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 3.jpg) From: Pictures\Z\Ziff-Davis\Sparkle (Ziff-Davis) To: Pictures\Z\Ziff-Davis\Sparkie (Ziff-Davis) Delete or Move ALL (1-A.jpg - Bk 5.jpg) From: Pictures\I\IDW\Fallen Angel (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Fallen Angel (IDW) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 3.jpg From: Maze Agency, The (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Maze Agency, The (IDW) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - Dlx 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\I\IDW\Mickey Mouse (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Mickey Mouse (IDW) Delete or Move 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\I\IDW\Oliver Twist (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Oliver Twist (IDW) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - Bk 3.jpg) From: Pictures\I\IDW\Popeye (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Popeye (IDW) Delete or Move 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\I\IDW\Robinson Crusoe (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Robinson Crusoe (IDW) Delete or Move 9.jpg and 10.jpg From: Pictures\I\IDW\Scary (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Scary (IDW) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - Bk 1.jpg) From: Pictures\I\IDW\Shadowplay (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Shadowplay (IDW) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - Bk 1.jpg) From: Pictures\I\IDW\Smoke (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Smoke (IDW) Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\I\IDW\Spike (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Spike (IDW) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - SE 1.jpg) From: Pictures\I\IDW\Spike (Idea + Design Works, 2nd Series) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Spike (IDW, 2nd Series) Delete or Move ALL (0-A.jpg - 0-H.jpg) From: Pictures\I\IDW\Transformers (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Transformers (IDW) Delete or Move ALL (1-2.jpg - Bk 4.jpg) From: Pictures\I\IDW\Transformers, The (Idea + Design Works, 2nd Series) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Transformers, The (IDW, 2nd Series) Delete or Move ALL (1-2.jpg - HO 2021-A.jpg) From: Pictures\I\IDW\Transformers (Idea + Design Works, 3rd Series) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Transformers (IDW, 3rd Series) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - Bk 1.jpg) From: Pictures\I\IDW\Underworld (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Underworld (IDW) Delete or Move ALL (0.jpg - Bk 1.jpg) From: Pictures\I\IDW\Beowulf (Idea + Design Works) To: Pictures\I\IDW\Beowulf (IDW) Delete or Rename 2.jpg to 1.jpg then Move From Pictures\D\Dark Horse\N\New Two-Fisted Tales, The To: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\N\New Two-Fisted Tales, The (2nd Series) Delete 1-F.jpg From Pictures\M\Marvel\X\X-Men- Blue (Duplicate of 1-C.jpg) Delete or Move 137-A.jpg - 137-H.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman To: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman (3rd Series) (NOTE: They are so small, I would just delete them. If not, you may or may not need to match the covers to the variations.) Delete or Move 4.jpg From: Pictures\I\Image\U\Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland To: Probably Pictures\I\Image\U\Unbelievable, Unfortunately Mostly Unreadable and Nearly Unpublishable Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland, The #4 but I can't verify this (and the existing cover scan is so small, I am just deleting it.)
  22. Idea + Design Works Publisher Name Change (I think Pete was going to mention this in the last Live-stream but...) An editorial decision was made to change publisher Idea + Design Works to IDW. For the most part you may not notice as it just required a name change of the folder name in the Pictures folder. However, where Idea + Design Works was used in the Title name, if you own issues in them you will need to manually move your inventory to the new name. (i.e. 'Fallen Angel (Idea + Design Works)' changed to 'Fallen Angel (IDW)').
  23. NOTE 1: The following comments only apply to Book types (specifically prose books). NOTE 2: When adding Publisher, I did not take the time to try an follow the byzantine changes when they went out of business and/or merged with other Publishers. After entering a few thousand books (with some 'mistakes' at the beginning' while on a learning curve). I have found it best to list the books as individual Titles with the Overall Title Name link used for the 'overall series' name for a few reasons. 1) Different Publishers. During the time the books are printed, they can have different publishers. I have also found it is a 'bad' idea to combine different publishers under one title, in general (see below for one possible exception). In the 'Incarnations of Immortality' series, They started with Publisher 'Del Rey', then switched to 'Avon' / 'William Morrow', and finally (so far), 'Mundania'. If all were in one title, you would need Notes to keep them straight. 2) Problems with assigning Item Numbers. You can get 'duplication' of numbers requiring the use of arbitrary Variations to distinguish them. Some made up examples. a) Initially, Publisher X puts out a 1st printing of a HC. Later, Publisher Y gets the rights and puts out another 1st Printing HC of the same book. If combined in to one Title, they both can't be HC. you would need to use HC (which at the time would have been correct for the first one) and later HC/A (since it is a 1st printing it can't be HC-2) even though it isn't really a variation. b) 'Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Del Rey)' Hardcover was published with 4 different covers. They are entered has HC/A, HC/B, HC/C, HC/D. If/When another publisher acquires the rights and prints the book again, it 'could' be added to the 'Del Rey' series but what would its issue number be? If shouldn't be HC/A-2 as it will be a 1st printing for the other company. It could be just HC (unless they also printed different covers). It could be HC/E with notes. None of those option are not optimal. Or It could be in its own title with the different publisher and there would be no problem assigning its Item Number (also, both would come up on a Title search). NOTE: One exception to a Title only having one Publisher is when the Print numbers are uninterrupted. For example 'Berkley' was bought/merged with 'Ace' around 1987/88. A Book is printed by 'Berkley' with 1st, 2nd, 3rd printing, then 'Ace' took over and continued with printings 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. In this case, I would place all the book into one Title with Berkley as the Publisher with Title Notes (preferred) or Issue Notes about the publisher change. Otherwise, it will look strange to see an 'Ace' Title that starts with 4th printing and people will wonder where the first 3 printings are (or mistakenly add them). (However, if 'Ace' had reset back to 1st printing, I would make a second Title. 3) Easier to Find If a Title 'Incarnations of Immortality' was created with all the books place in it., a Title search for 'On a Pale Horse' would not find anything. You could try a search on other fields (Storylines, Notes, Item Title) and, if any of those fields had the information, it could be found (with some work). However, if the books are entered as individual Titles with an Overall Title Name of ''Incarnations of Immortality', a search for either of them would find them (the single Title book with its link to the series, or the Title lists of all the series books). 4) Consistency (I hope). Since non-numbered series (i.e. Jack Reacher) of books shouldn't be forced into a made up title and need to be entered as individual Titles with Overall Title Name, to me, it seems better to use the same the same method for books like 'Incarnations of Immortality'. I have come across s set of books that have an overall series name with a number for the first ones then just Final for the last one (no number). Since you wouldn't know that 'last' book was not numbered, you would 'technically' need to go back and break it out into individual books or you would have to make up the last number (granted, it is sort of obvious but if that was the case, you could make up obvious numbers for Jack Reacher. To me it is all the same. Use the series name as an Overall Title and individual book Titles for (most) everything and (hopefully) there will be fewer problems in the future. 5) Publishers 'eccentric' behavior (to be nice about it...) As some (most?) of you will know, if a Publisher CAN do something to mess up a cataloging system, the WILL do it, eventually. By listing books in individual Titles with 'Overall Title Names', the problems they can cause will (hopefully) be mitigated (not sure they can be totally eliminated. They are publishers, after all. It is in their nature to do stupid creative things... ------------------------------ For the most part, I am trying to prevent the pitfalls that have come up with Comic Books due to starting in one direction (which was fine at the time) but eventually started getting complicated as time past (by then it was really to late to change the system). (As an example the Marvel Masterworks titles. There was an original print run, then a second print run years later (and maybe a third. Ideally, these different print runs should all be in different titles. But, they weren't and are combined in to one Title (per character) and you need a convoluted set of Issue numbers to try to uniquely identify them. Not blaming anyone. That is just have it evolved. I am trying to take that into consideration and not get prose books into that kind of situation. I understand wanting to 'group' like books together. I just think using the 'Overall Title Name' instead of putting everything into one Title is the better way of doing this.
  24. Not sure if this helps or not. Using Windows 11, Open Settings. Select Apps from the list on the left. Select Default Apps. Scroll all the way down and in Related Settings, expand Chose defaults by link type. Scroll down to HTTP and click on the item (Mine has Firefox Url:Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Select program to use. Or Have you tried closing CB and reopening it? (You can bring up the Content Updated window by selecting Check for Updates again.) Or Uninstall/Reinstall CB.
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