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  1. I believe it uses the unique combination of Title, Issue number, and Condition to get the correct row. I tried to recreate your problem and it does appear that Price (assuming this is Selling Price) does not get changed with the import (and it should).
  2. Sorry. Too many acronyms. HC = Human Computing (the company) CB = ComicBase (the Product) AA = Atomic Avenue
  3. Oh, and just an FYI, when you renew in the same 'class' (ex. Professional to Professional), the 1 Year of updates is ADDED to your existing expiration date. But if you upgrade to a different 'class' (for example Professional to Archive), the renewal expiration date is reset. examples: Renewing (same class) Current expiration date: 1 Jan 2023 Renewal date: 1 July 2022 New expiration date: 1 Jan 2024 Upgrading to different class Current Expiration date: 1 Jan 2023 Upgraded date: 1 July 2022 New expiration date: 1 July 2023
  4. No, there is no discount for renewal. However (and keep in mind I have no connection to HC and anything I type my observations)... There is an Upgrade price discount. Currently, the Archive Edition is listed as $129.95 ($170.00 of buying for the first time) which is $20.00 less than the listed Upgrade price (don't know if this is temporary and, if so, for how long)). And, there is no guarantee of this, HC tends to have sales around Christmas, more often than not. PS I am not trying sell this but if you like the best covers HC has available, the 4K Archive Edition is currently listed at $149.95 (just $20.00 more that the regular Archive Edition).
  5. As of the 20 July Update, 'Weird Western Tales (UK Edition) is in the CB database.
  6. Not sure if this will help but... Click on Find next to the Find Box at the top of the window. Select Publisher (or any of the others that are not Title name or barcode. Then, Click on the same Find and select Title name or barcode. Sometimes CB gets 'confused' in what it is looking for in the Find box and this will reset it.
  7. Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 8.jpg) From: Pictures\A\AWA\Marjorie Finnegan- Temporal Criminal To: Pictures\A\AWA\Marjorie Finnegan, Temporal Criminal Delete or Rename Bk 1.jpg TPB-2.jpg Bk 1-A.jpg TPB-A.jpg Bk 1-A-5.jpg TPB-A-5.jpg Bk 1-HC.jpg HC.jpg From: Pictures\P\Paradox\Understanding Comics Delete or Move 1.jpg, 2.jpg and 3.jpg From: Pictures\C\Continuity\Revengers, The To: Pictures\C\Continuity\Armor Delete 1-G-2.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\S\Strange Academy (duplicate of 1-K.jpg) Rename 122-E.jpg to 122-C.jpg From: Pictures\B\Broadsword\Tarot- Witch of the Black Rose (my existing 122-C was preliminary art for this issue)
  8. Currently, you can't download covers, either. So it looks like there is some problem.
  9. The first thing I would do is scan the label in to a text editor (Notepad, for example). Does the text in the text editor match what is on the label?
  10. With the Archive Edition, you should be able to download the larger covers or set the check box to download the larger covers when you select them. Alternately, if you have installed the Quick Start versions of the pictures and you want all the larger covers available without downloading then individually, you can download and install the full Picture files. On CB website, click on My Account and go to Registrations. Click the green arrow under download. instead of the 'Recommended' downloads, click the 'Other' radio button to get the the full picture files.
  11. What Edition of CB do you have? Just checked the images in my 4K Archive Edition and the smallest image is 96Kb. Depending on the Edition you have, select the issue, right-click and it and select 'Download Cover'. or Check your Preferences (under menu item Setup). If you have a box with a label of 'Automatically download larger pictures when viewing items', check it. Then, when you click on a cover, it will automatically download the large cover. PS If you used the Quick Start version of the picture install file, this would only install thumbnail size covers (#1 would be full-size). Then the preferences check box to automatically download... would get larger covers as you needed them. But this all depends on which Edition of CB you have.
  12. I don't recall reading about anyone trying this before (they may have but just never mentioned it). You can definitely place all the Pictures and Media on the NAS. For the Archive Edition, this takes up the most space. You can locate the actual database file on the NAS. As for the actual executables, during the installation process, there is a path for the location of the install. But I am not sure if parts would be installed in normal Windows locations (some of which are Windows 'hidden' folder) on your C drive. Consider that A) the actual executables don't take up much space and B) HC doesn't have a problem with installing CB on two computers (think desktop/Laptop but I am not sure if they have a limit on how many other computers or not).
  13. What Edition do you have? What do you mean by 'not loading'? Is there nothing in the cover picture box for those issues or do you have the little generic icon showing? If you click on the cover picture box for any of those issues, does a cover get displayed to its full size? Do the cover scans actually exist in the Picture files? (you can right-click on the large cover area (top left corner) and select 'Show Picture File' to get there quickly)
  14. I did but either it hasn't been approved yet or it got deleted. I will try again.
  15. Try one of these. Go to the ComicBase website. Select 'My Account' (top left corner) Then 'Profile' scroll down to Known 'Databases'. Use the drop-down box to see if you have multiple databases listed. Select the one ( s ) you don't want, then click Remove. and/or Still in 'My Accounts', select 'My Comics' In the Database drop-down box, if you have multiple databases listed, select the database you don't want. Then click Remove Report. (Not sure which one you need or if you need both, but some combination should work). NOTE: these option do NOTHING to your actual database. If you deleted them all, you can regenerate the values by using Collection Statistics in CB and saving new reports.
  16. Delete or Move ALL (209.jpg - 254.jpg) From: Pictures\D\Department of the Army\PS- The Preventive Maintenance Monthly To: Pictures\U\U.S. Department of the Army\PS- The Preventive Maintenance Monthly Delete or Rename 1-HC.jpg to 2-HC.jpg then Move From: Pictures\I\Image\F\Friend Of The Devil To: Pictures\I\Image\R\Reckless Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 8.jpg) From: Pictures\K\Kadokawa Shoten\More than a couple, less then a lover To: Pictures\K\Kadokawa Shoten\More Than a Couple, Less Than a Lover Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 3.jpg) From: Pictures\W\Wonder\Mythos To: Pictures\W\Wonder\Mythos (Wonder) Delete or Move 5.jpg From: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Usagi Yojimbo- The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy To: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Usagi Yojimbo- Dragon Bellow Conspiracy Delete or Rename TPB.jpg to 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\aardwolf\BAMF- A Dave Cockrum Treasury Delete Bk 1-2.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\X\X-Men Visionaries 2- The Neal Adams Collection (duplicate of 1-2.jpg) Rename TPB-A.jpg to HC-A.jpg From: Pictures\D\DK\Ghost Rider- The Visual Guide Rename or Delete 26.jpg to 702.jpg From: Pictures\P\Popular\Spider, The (Popular) (note: incorrect 26.jpg is larger than correct 702.jpg)
  17. This is how my splitter line in CB works (Windows computer). If I drag the line up or down, as long as there enough space to display the Value Grid, CB will remember the location. If I drag the line up so far that the Value Grid can't be displayed, the next time I start CB, the splitter line is move lower to a point where the Value Grid can be displayed. In other words, it will remember the splitter line location unless it is past a certain point (that point being the ability to display the Value Grid). NOTE: It doesn't matter if you have Include Value Grid checked or not.
  18. Atomic Avenue seems to be back.
  19. You don 't mention what Edition of CB you have (Express, Pro, or Archive). If it is Pro or Archive, this should be a (relatively) simple process. Question: Do you want to use the Pictures in their current location on the Backup drive or Do you want to copy the pictures from your Backup drive to a disk drive on your computer? if the Backup drive location: Use menu item File->File Tools. Click on Manage Pictures and Moves. Under 'Location for Pictures and Movies folder, change the folder that contains the Pictures folder on the Backup drive. NOTE: Not the actual Pictures folder the the folder that it is in. If you want to copy to your computer driver: Use Manage Pictures and Movies to either location where the Pictures folder is OR change it to a location you want. Then just use Windows to copy the entire Pictures folder on the Backup drive to the new location on your computer drive.
  20. I submitted corrections for 1/C, 1/D, and 1/E with the correct UPC values.
  21. Not a problem. I think I have mentioned the Type mis-match (so to speak) between what is displayed and what the Find window type is to Pete. If not, I will mention it again during the next version beta-testing. Not sure if it is an easy, hard, or impossible fix.
  22. I just tried an Advanced Find using ComicTitles.AlphabetizedTitle in the ORDER BY and it worked with no problem Can you supply a screen print of the SQL error message? One possibility is if you are in a different Type. For example, Book Types require BookTitles instead of ComicBookTitles. PS the Use of the Title Columns in Advanced Find is unsupported and could stop working at any time without any warning. PPS I just finished reading both of the lengthy posts and see you already figured out that the Types were being mixed.
  23. The following Reports have a problem with CBCS 10.0 Collection Report (Basic and Summary) Item Checklists Price Labels Price List (Basic, Detailed) (screen prints in same order as list above)
  24. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\Acme Ink\Charley & Humphrey To: Pictures\#\10 Ton\Charley and Humphrey Comics (However, this appears to be a preliminary cover) Delete 1-D.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\A\Avengers, The (Duplicate of 1-C.jpg)
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