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Found 7 results

  1. I know that there has been requests for the ability for users with the knowledge to be able to create custom reports. I understand the reasons that have been given for not wanting to go down that road. However, what if there was a Database View created, with its own Read-Only credentials, that contained all the columns that are available on the Title Detail screen? This would allow End Users with report writing experience to create their own reports and protect the integrity of the Master Database. The code to create the login and view could be in an update and a parameter created that needed to be acknowledged to actually execute that code. This would allow users that are not interested or those straddling the line of available drive space to forgo creating it. Just a thought.
  2. I am using Sets to indicate which bins my comics are stored in, I am still using the free trial version to do my preliminary testing for usage and to help make my decision on purchase. I would like to be able to print a list for each of my bins, and add to the bin, in order to have an at a glance audit, for each bin. Is there a way to sort by Set, or is there a way to better set up my storage system?
  3. Howdy! I am still able to manually upload a report without any problems. All of the (Auto) reports have not updated since last Thursday. Any ideas how I can get them working again? Thanks, Pat
  4. Is there a way to export your search results? I ask because I'm trying to get a list of comics that I own two or more copies of and the only way I have been able to get this information is by running a search. There doesn't seem to be a way of generating a report based on conditions. Thanks! Edited to add: Never mind! I just answered my own question! I see that right clicking brings up the quick report option which I was not familiar with.
  5. Add in the overview and report(full individual issue) reports a "by publisher " dropdown box selection with all the publisher that you can select one and only produce the reports by publisher
  6. I'm still having issues with report names despite using the latest installer (v20.0.1.2764). I just saved a collection report and it is only showing up with the name "1". Any ideas why this is happening? I'd also just like to throw it out there that it would be great if we could have custom names when generating reports instead of the ones hardcoded into the program. Thanks!
  7. Hello! In the previous version of CB, I could print a report that would list in summary fashion all the books I've marked as "Wanted". It was fairly concise and I would use it to send to vendors, upon their request, to see if they had anything matching my list. The report used was the Collection Report, and worked great. I would select All titles and it print only wanted items. This no longer works. (I've attached my old one for reference.) Is there a substitute Want List type report that would list everything marked "wanted' in a nice, neat, concise report? I was told I could use a spreadsheet, and have and attached one that was created. Seems unwieldy. And not something I would want to send to a vendor. And compared to a report, not as easy to produce. If there isn't a substitute, I would request one be added. I think a Want List would be almost a necessity for a collector. Thanks, Jeff new want list.xlsx jeff's want list.pdf
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