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By 'from the cloud', do you mean a backup you saved to an HC server?

All your data is in your local database on you computer.

You can make a backup (or have the program do it for you) on you local computer and/or save a backup to the HC servers.

Assuming you have a backup on your local computer (and you should not store backups on the same drive (or even the same computer(, if possible), you can download/install the Archive Edition and then open the backup to get back all your data (since the last backup).

How/if you can get a copy of the backup from the HC servers, I am not sure. You may have to contact support.

If you do not have any backup available (local or on the HC servers), then the only data you can 'get back' is any information that has been applied to the Master Database. This will not include any special information you may have had (i.e. custom fields) and it won't indicate you own anything.

PS If you just mean will books be included in a backup, then, yes, all items (Books, Comic Books, and Magazines) are all included.

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