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Origin of the Hobgoblin tpb

Gregory Hecht

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I posted about this topic over a week ago, but the post got lost when these message boards got rebooted after The Great Server Crash of 2021... so I'm going to try again.  

The database lists an older Origin of the Hobgoblin trade paperback from 1992 as The Amazing Spider-Man Book #9.  The contents of that book are as follows:  Amazing Spider-Man #238-239, 244-245, and 249-251 and Spectacular Spider-Man #85.  Normally CB lists tpb's and hc's as their own separate title if they collect issues from more than one title.  In this case, there is only a single issue from a different title, so it ordinarily it probably wouldn't be worth it to move this particular book.  

There is a second edition of the Origin of the Hobgoblin tpb from 2011 that complicates things, however.  The book isn't a second print, it contains additional issues that the first version did not:  Amazing Spider-Man #238-239, 244-245 and 249-251 and Spectacular Spider-Man #43, 47-48 and 85 (issues not included in the first version are in bold red type).  

I cannot find the second edition in the database; is it in there and I am missing it?  If it is not in there, how should it be entered into the database? Amazing Spider-Man Book #9 (2nd print) isn't appropriate, but listing the 2011 book under the title Origin of the Hobgoblin may lead to some confusion if the 1992 book isn't also under that title.  

Thoughts on how to approach this?  

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