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How to Find? Star Wars Comic Pack #56 (Dark Horse)

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Cannot for the life of me able to find this comic.

The place I found it said it was a relatively rare comic to find a higher grade on.  I don't want to add anything if there is already a home for it.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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I don't think it is in CB yet.

Attached is the indicia. If it can't be read it is:

Star Wars Comic Pack #56: Star Wars Visionaries "Old Wounds," Star Wars Tales "Marked," November 2008. Published by Dark Horse Comics, Inc...

I also found this information:

This story is reprinted in Star Wars Comic Pack #56 which came in a 2010 Sandiego Comic-Con exclusive boxed set with a Darth Maul and Owen Lars action figure.

It appears there are a whole set of these. A Star Wars comic reprint of one sort or another along with 2 action figures.

http://www.rebelscum.com/darkhorse_hasbro2packs.aspindicia.thumb.JPG.69a736941ae344094c58572fc578dd29.JPG has some information about these.

I think this should be a new Title "Star Wars Comic Pack". These were put out by Hasbro with a Star Wars Comic (most if not all by Dark Horse).

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