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Field Name adjustment

Fred Slota

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Suggestion - rename some fields to clarify/consistent their purposes.        Overview, Description and Notes for Title, Issue and Variant


Overview - Master Database Content description - plot and character details

Description - Master Database Physical description - art style, cover description

Notes - Personal description - other


Title Overview (Title Description)  Overview/Synopsis of the Title

Title Description (Title Comments)  Title-wide descriptions.  Art style, imprints, continues from/in.

Title Notes (Title Comments)   


Issue Overview (Issue Notes)   First appearances, deaths, fights, joins, etc...

Issue Description (Issue Notes)   Mostly unused, as this is usually Variant Description territory

Issue Notes (Issue Notes)


Variant Overview (----)   Mostly unused, but some of the partial reprints 

Variant Description (Item Description)   Cover descriptions, inclusions

Variant Notes (Grading Notes)

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