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Lady Death: Echoes #1/I and 1/J

Fred Slota

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They are different variants.  Like most things Lady Death, there was a lot of variants for this issue.  Unfortunately, #1-I has the image for one variant and a description of another.  #1-I should look more like this:



In the lower left corner, of this image, there is an "MM" for Marat Mychaels, the artist.  It was likely limited to 15 copies described as artist proofs.  The regular red edition was limited to 175 and had the individual number on each issue in place of "MM."  

#1-J has the correct cover and description:


The blue edition was limited to 185 copies, also numbered in the lower left corner.  There was also an artist proof edition with the "MM" in place of the limitation and it was likely limited to 15 copies as well.  

The are also the printing error edtions that have the faded appearance.  

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