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Clean up for 2/23/2022 content update

Gregory Hecht

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This week's update added the title Lost Girls (Top Shelf).  The various printings of the Top Shelf three book set for this title have to date all been cataloged as Deluxe Set Hardcover under the Lost Girls title.  

I think that the Hardcover entry under the new Lost Girls (Top Shelf) title is supposed to be for the single volume edition.  Is there a particular reason why that edition warrants its own title?  Could it be moved to the existing Lost Girls title?

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The original plan for Lost Girls was to publish it in periodical form, and that is what generated the publication of Lost Girls #1 and #2.  Then that plan was set aside midstream in favor of the publishing the whole thing all at once.  

The deluxe set is three volumes sold together in a slipcase.  It is the entire story.  (The one volume edition, which is what was recently added to the database, was published later.)  

Lost Girls #1 contains chapters 1-3 and #2 contains chapters 4-6.  Volume 1 of the slipcase set includes chapters 1-10, so it contains all of the story in Lost Girls #1 and #2 plus four additional chapters.  Volumes 2 and 3 of the slipcase were entirely new.  

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