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Crystal Reports

Fred Slota

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So, I've been playing around with an Excel Workbook to find Holes.  In the process of, about a week ago I went to update my Cloud Saved Wanted report, and was told there was a problem with my Crystal Reports.  I didn't think anything of it, as there had been recent discussions about this problem, so, I followed the directions, uninstalled, removed SAP CR, reinstalled, and everything was happy.  I produced a new Wanted Report, saved it to the cloud, with a 4/26/2022 date.


A couple days later, through Check for Updates, a new version of ComicBase was found,  I installed this.  I noticed that during the update, it said it was doing something with SAP CR.  I didn't think anything of it at the time.

With the help of my Excel tool, I started adding some Wanted issues.  I then decided to generate a new Wanted report.  I am now, again, being told that there is a problem with Crystal Reports.  This is 5 days and 1 CB program update after I had successfully repaired Crystal Reports.  Before I go through the process of uninstalling/reinstalling, is there any other advice you could give or information you would want to know?

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recommended steps from the programming team:

-Go to your Windows Settings>App List...

-Uninstall your CB2022 edition

-Uninstall your CB2022 Resource listing

-Uninstall your current version of 'SAP Crystal Reports'

-lastly, install the latest CB2022 program installer and you should be good to go.

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Thanks Mark, but, that's what I did on 4/26, when I was first told Crystal Reports had a problem.  And that resolved the problem. 


And then I installed the newest update, and it broke again.  


Are you not concerned that this has happened?  Is there anything I can look at and report back to help with understanding how it is broken and how it happened?  I thought that this was a recently resolved issue and was not expected to happen with current updates?

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