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entering a mint copy of Action comics #1 50th Anniversary reprint

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I am not sure I understand what you are saying.
You can get to the title in at least two ways.
1) in the Find box in the top middle of the window, type Action Comics.
If for some reason that doesn't display a list that includes Action Comics, Use the Find drop-down box next to the find box and select 'Publisher', then use it again to select 'Title name or Barcode'.
(Occasionally, CB will get confused what the box is searching for)

2) use CTRL+T to bring up the Titles window, then type Action Comics in the box at the top. When it is highlighted, press Enter or click the Go button.

Once you have the Title displayed, scroll down (if needed) to Item # 1-5.
The change the Qty value to 1 (assuming you have one copy).
That is all you have to do to indicate you Own that issue.
You can also change the Grade, and Cost or any other value for the issue.

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