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Barcode entry not working?

Rob Twohy

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There could be a few problems.

1) The barcode may not be in CB.

2) The barcode in CB may be wrong.

3) Not all of the barcode is being scanned.

Going by the length of the supplied barcode ( '761941315812' ) my guess would be #3.
I did an Advanced find on UPC with wild cards for '%761941315812%' and returned rows were all for the series 'Batman/Superman'

Picking one at random and comparing it to the one you supplied:


NOTE: the supplemental for the last indicates it is Issue #002, variation 1 (regular issue), 2nd printing.

It looks like the last 5 digits (the supplement) are not being scanned.
You can test this by scanning in to a text editor (like Notes) and comparing it to what is actually printed in the UPC box.

If it is not being scanned, there should (probably) be a setting that will allow your scanner to read all of the UPC.
If the scanner is one sold by CB, you can call support for help.
Otherwise you will need to read the manual and see what command to scan to allow the supplemental to be read.

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Depending on the scanner that you are using, sometimes you need to increase the distance between the scanner and the bar code to increase the likelihood that the scanner will pick up all of the bar code digits (particularly those last few "supplemental digits" such as in your case).  Sometimes holding the scanner 12" or more away from the barcode gives a more accurate read.  

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Here is a screenshot of a notepad on top of the "Add by barcode" on top of CB. You can see that in the notepad it scans the entire code, and if I scan it into where the red arrow is, it disappears but DOES bring up the correct issue (Batman Superman), but if I scan into the "Add by barcode" box it DOES NOT enter the entire code. Why would that be?


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It's magically working now. I DID have build 1708. Sometimes the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result) IS NOT insanity. It works and all I did was try 15 times.

ThanX guys!

I was excited enough to upgrade to the archive version. I have a lot of "variant" covers apparently and it's nice to see them.

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