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Had this problem where I can't submit any covers to the comicbase database,been going on now over a week

mark d. smith

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Not having any trouble similar to what you're reporting from other users. This may be unique to you or possibly non-USA users.

*Any Users outside the USA have the same trouble?


ALSO, If you have any kind of Software protection (Ex: Norton, MacAfee, Avast, etc.), make sure ComicBase is allowed internet access (you may need to setup a program exclusion). Do the same for Firewall settings.


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This sounds like a computer performance problem. You're running at 1.60 GHz which is under our recommended 2.0Ghz. Not to mention, if you have other programs running (even background programs which most computers do) that can also slow overall computer performance. As a result, CB is having trouble fully completing an action you try to initiate like optimizing, updating, exiting, etc. - you will likely hit 'not responding' states that could take longer than normal to finish through (or not finish).

Did you access to a computer with better specs?

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