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Crystal Reports error

Scott Nass

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Followed the attached instructions except there were no instances of SAP Crystal Reports on my machine.  Reinstalled and still having the same error whenever I try to prepare any reports.  Program otherwise working fine before and after the reinstall.  Can someone please advise? 



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Do the Following:

Go into your Windows Start Menu>Settings>Applications

-uninstall your CB2022 edition

-uninstall your CB2022 resource listing

-uninstall your SAP Crystal Report listing (you noted you 'installed' it in your initial post)

-lastly, download/install the revised CB2022 program installer from your online account here:


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Sorry, Mark, didn't have notifications on.  Thanks for the reply!

Clarifying, I neither installed nor uninstalled SAP Crystal Report - it was CB2022 I reinstalled.  There is no evidence of SAP Crystal Report on my machine either before or after installing CB2022.  Other than that line, I have followed your instructions to the letter twice now with no change to outcome.

What other information can I provide that would be helpful to figuring this out?

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If you don't see the SAP Crystal Reports component listed in your Windows application list after installing CB2022, you may have some sort of protection software blocking it.

Alternatively, here's a separate link to get that SAP Crystal Reports component installed if you need it:


after installing it, try to run a report and see if it produces.

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Windows 10 Home, 64-bit

Other than browser pop-up and tracker blockers, I'm only running Windows Security on the system.

But your final suggestion worked.  The installer must have detected SAP Crystal Reports on my machine (although I can't find anything with any part of that name when searching the hard drive) because running the installer gave me the options to remove or reinstall.  I "reinstalled" and after restarting CB, all is well.  

HUGE thanks, @Mark J. Castaneda!

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