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Why is 'Kraven’s Last Hunt' not in the Storylines list when doing a Regular Find?

Steven L. Dasinger

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Here is a strange one. I have run all Rebuild Lists items (except pictures).
When I try to do a Regular Find for Storyline 'Kraven’s Last Hunt', it does not appear in the suggestion list nor can it be found.
Attached shows the list of suggestion when typing the first part 'Kraven’s'. (I have tried boy a single apostrophe and a single tick with same results)
What is even stranger is that 'Kraven’s First Hunt' IS listed (and can be found) but not 'Kraven's Last Hunt'.
In the background of the attached is the result of an Advanced Find showing that there are 8 issues with 'Kraven's Last Hunt' Storylines.
PS This happened in CB 2022 so it isn't just a CB 2023 issue.


Regular Find Storyliines.JPG

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I will, but in Pete's last post there he had:


'I'm leaving the Transformer channel open for internal discussion on ComicBase 23.x features prior to public release. For wider discussion of ComicBase-related issues with a more general audience, please post topics to the forums.'

So, not sure if Transformer is still 'open' for problems.

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