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CB Express - Missing Data

Joel Ekis

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For some time now, in my dB, I don't have very much in the Writer/Storyline/Artist/etc. columns.  It's maybe 5% filled out.

Should this be in the dB for Express users?  If so, how do I get it restored?  A weekly update isn't populating those fields that are missing data.

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Storylines & Creator credits and Item Descriptions are basic info Express, Pro, Archive users get with weekly content updates.

I assume you have them checked when you update in the main CB software OR in CB Sidekick?

BTW, the update settings you set in the main CB software aren't used in Sidekick and vica-versa. Maybe worth double-checking your update settings in both.


As an example issue to track if its working for you, do you have all the storyline, writer and artist info for Fantastic Four (6th Series) #48?

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Go to the Help Menu>About ComicBase - please screenshot that window so we can verify the full version number you're running.

Also, please screenshot your Update Option screen so we know exactly what you pick when you update.

In the meantime, we'll attempt performing a content update with the latest version of CB2023 Express and see if we can replicate the problem.

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12 hours ago, Mark J. Castaneda said:

Apologizes, I was mistaken with what Express users get with content updates. Even though you get the Storyline, artist, & writer fields in the database, they don't get updated when running a content update.

I just took a look at the ComicBase website. 

Other than cover images being included with the Archive weekly updates, it is not clear at all on the website that the content information for weekly updates is different for the different versions of the program.  

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