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Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes #4 and 4-A covers are dups of #3 and #3-A. Here are the actual covers...

Walt Grogan

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3 hours ago, Walt Grogan said:

Hi, @Mark J. Castaneda

I just want to be sure. Are you suggesting that any content corrections be sent directly to the support team rather than posting them here to expedite issues?



"any content corrections"  

Content corrections that are pretty routine (including cover scans) can be sent directly from your database.  Cover scans that don't upload from your database can be sent to support via email.  

There isn't a mechanism for sending deletions of titles or issues from your database.  So those should either be emailed to CB support or posted on the message boards.  

Any sort of correction that seems unusually complicated, which has some level of uncertainty associated with it, or which might benefit from discussion from CB users (for example, "I can't find this... is it in the database?") should be posted to the message boards.  

@Mark J. Castaneda can correct me if I am wrong on the above.  

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