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Duplicate Title Listings in Database

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I was told when I find titles listed multiple times, to start reporting them on here so you guys can look into it, and merge them as necessary. 
Also, since I have found several of these, should I make a new thread for each one? Or just add a post to this one? 

Well let's start with Cradle of Filth
I found it listed as 


and also under 


both are the same series. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work. Love your product. 



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Well just so you know, both the screen shots (that have different titles) are the SAME series of the SAME book. 
Just look at the issue numbers and the corresponding dates and creator info. It's pretty obvious. 
There are not 2 series of "Cradle of Filth"

I will post more screenshots of duplicate series in the database as I discover them on this thread. thanks. 

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