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Hi All,

The New Cover Catalog is out for all of you, a bit late i know... lol software problem (good excuse)

It's Still Growing Bigger with 28,723 Pages and a bit more than 926,000 Covers.

So you can get it true the torrent, and the link below here is the torrent file.


[MODERATOR NOTE:  outdated torrent link removed; scroll down for the currently active torrent file]


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Note that some torrent clients don't allow a firewalled seeder to pass data to a firewalled downloader.  

I just tried to download using BiglyBT and I am seeing two seeds (it took a couple of minutes for them to pop up) and eleven peers.  My download is working as I type this.  

@Don Veach Any luck downloading since your last post in this thread?


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@Don Veach  If you are using any kind of antivirus or security software other than what is native to your operating system, you might need to go into that software's settings to specifically whitelist your torrent client.  (I had to do this with Norton after I installed that on my Mac, for instance)

I am also assuming that you are trying this on your home network.  Something to be aware of is that workplace networks can be different from home networks.  If you are trying this at your workplace, it is possible that their IT has decided to block all torrenting traffic.  

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@Andre JCC Bouchard To simplify things, would you be opposed to one of the moderators editing your earlier posts to remove older torrent links?  My suggestion is that it might make sense to have only one working torrent download in the thread.  Unless you (or others on the board) think that there is some utility in keeping the older torrent files around.  
[I'm also assuming that you can't go in and edit your own old posts... if non-moderators have no time limit for moderating their own posts, then obviously you can do this on your own.]  


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@Gregory Hecht hey Gregory, i do not have any problem with deleting the old one, i did tried myself but ether i can't or i did not find the way to do it.

so if you can, please do delete them, it will be easier for people to get the right one.

And also, there are an old treed in that i would like deleted if possible....

Edited by Andre JCC Bouchard
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Hello ComicBase Cover Catalog Fan....

The New Catalog is online and ready for download with the torrent link(Below)

This one as over a Million covers, but i did not had the time to pull out all the preliminary Art, sorry, too many and not a nought time.

it also is a special edition with the cover 40 % bigger, meaning less in a page, so more page.... 49K. enjoy as always.... :)


Book, Comic, Magazine And Newspaper Cover Catalog Vol.3 No.1 January 2024(A).torrent

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