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ASM 796-800 5-ptychs

Fred Slota

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Clayton Crain has a 5-ptych of covers that have been rendered in several ways...


The 5 different background colors versions, 796-800, variants A, I, I, E and U

The 5 different background colors virgin versions, 796-800, variants B,J, J, F, V

And white background virgin versions, 796-800, variants C, ???, A-3 & Q, ???, ???


1) Is 798/A-3 a real book, or just a duplicate of 798/Q?

2) Are there/should there be entries for 797, 799 and 800 white background virgin variants?

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Still confused that with an apparent duplication between supposed issues #797/A-3 and 797/Q, that it was the /Q version that was deleted while the third printing /A was retained, despite it not being related to /A, and despite there not bein a second printing of /A.


Can anyone verify the validity of this modification that was done in response to my initial questionting?

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