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Jungle Captive (Underglow) #1/F

Fred Slota

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The title consists of issues 1/A-6/A...


...and an issue 1/F, Cover Artist "Marcio Doug",  Item Description "Ed Benes Studio Connecting Cover by Marcio Doug"

  • there are no issues 1/B-1/E
  • is the only issue in the entire database where Marcio Doug is Cover Artist
  • is the only issue in the entire database that mentions "Ed Benes Studio" in the Item Description.


Is this a real issue?

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30 minutes ago, Randall J. Paske said:

It appears there was a Kickstarter for this series and Marcio Doug is indeed one of the variant cover artists. 

Looking at the Kickstarter page, I can't help but think that back in my day, jungle babes usually hung out in the forest wearing leopard skins instead of expensive lingerie.  How times have changed.  

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  • 3 weeks later...

I generally don't make additions of issues that I don't actually own, preferring to raise questions.  Anyone else willing to add these additional issues?


My interest is in the current 1/F issue, which currently has an Item Description indicating it is a connecting cover, but I have no idea what it connects to...

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