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Gotham by Gaslight deluxe edition

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The Gotham by Gaslight deluxe edition hardcover is listed in the database under the Gotham by Gaslight title.  It should probably be moved under its own title because it collects not just Gotham by Gaslight but an additional four issues from three other titles.  

There is also a trade paperback version that just came out in recent weeks, and that should go under the same title as the deluxe hc.  

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Also, in looking at the existing listings for the current Batman: Gotham by Gaslight title in the database, I see that issues #1-2, #1-3, and #1-7 all state that they reprint the original Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and also Batman: Master of the Future, but none of the other issues that are in the so-called deluxe edition.  So those items would need to go into their own title as well.  I don't own any of them, so I don't know how the indicia reads.  But I suspect that when we are all done there will be something along lines of the following in the databse:

•  Batman: Gotham by Gaslight [the original 1989 one-shot]

•  Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (2nd series) [would cover the editions from 2006 through ???? that reprint B:GbG and B:MotF; currently listed as #1-2, #1-3, and #1-7 in the database]

•  Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (3rd series)  [would cover the so-called deluxe hardcover and new trade paperback that reprint B:GbG, B:MotF, Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Gotham by Gaslight #1, and Convergence: Shazam! #1 & #2.  

Also:  it also looks like issue #1-8 in the database is the same thing as the brand new "deluxe" trade paperback.  So that the info for that issue can be used to populate the info for Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (3rd series) #Bk 1.  

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